I’m a Running Rainiac!

Yes people, that is right.  I am officially a “rainiac”.  I have never been on to run in the rain willingly, but hey things are ever-changing in this world!

Yesterday I enjoyed a 6 mile run in the rain sporadic drizzle/downpours and it was glorious.  I love the look on people’s faces as you come running towards them in the rain.  It is half fear you are going to splash a muddy puddle all over them, half confusion–because nobody is crazy enough to run in the rain, right?

I feel so at ease when I run in the (warm) rain. Side note: cold rain I have different feelings on.  But, with warm rain, humidity is practically non-existent and it is almost like I have new life in my lungs and legs.

muddy sneaks

After my run I was equal parts dirty, wet, happy, tired, satisfied, etc. etc.

This morning I DRAGGED (I repeat, dragged) my ass out of bed and got on the dreadmill.  I wanted to run a steady 5 miles and I did just that. RUN STREAK STILL ALIVE! It felt good but what felt even better was finally completing my brother’s squat/dead-lift/pushup workout all by myself CORRECTLY.  A million weeks in the making.

new tattoos?

Maybe I should consider flatter shoes (I know, I know Kurt you told me so) for when I lift because it looks like they got a little swollen and now I have the indent of my Under Armour socks on my feet.  Okay, well maybe not a few hours later–but still kind of funny!

My brother swears his simple fitness method will help me with my running and I am really hoping–so here’s to believing on a Tuesday morning (and afternoon because I still do believe as of now)

What kind of cross-training do you all do for running?? I love spinning too, but I rarely make it to class.

Tonight I am cooking dinner for H and myself and I can’t wait because I haven’t seen him in almost a week.  The 5 minute talk in Penn Station yesterday does NOT count.  Our meal is going to be protein/veggie packed–but so good H won’t even complain that it is nutrient rich, HA.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! We are slowly inching our way to Memorial Day Weekend!  One step at a time right?

Until tomorrow–happy running!


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