Over the Bump Hump Day

Just a few more hours, just a few more hours…

Until I am outside running.  Wind in my hair.  Humidity wrapping around me like a comforter on a hot summer night. Feet lightly gliding over the pavement.  I believe I can fly run.

Today has been insane and I cannot wait for my personal “me” time in Central Park tonight.  Right now my body does not know how many miles it can run, but I am hoping for a lot.  I need the stress of a long (short) week out of me.

Wednesday is usually one of my favorite days of the week…but today I am not feeling it.  Any suggestions on how to make my run extra long tonight?  What motivation/thoughts/techniques help you keep going when you aren’t quite sure if you can?

For now I am just thinking about the good times ahead of me this weekend and Summer 2012:

Summer 2011

Summer 2011


Happy Hump Day to all–I hope your uphill climb to Thursday is easier than mine.

Keep on running


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