Kiss It Harlem Hill!

Yesterday as I set out for my run home from work I knew I wanted to do at least 8 miles.   It was Wednesday night and I had nowhere to be until 9:00 and then again at 10:00 when Modern Family/Revenge were going to be on.

Side note (already): BOTH SHOWS had amazing finales. So many bombshells! Does anyone watch? What did you think!?


Modern Family

So I set out to run.  I was having a bad day at work and just the thought of getting out there and doing something for myself was enough to disband negative thoughts about the run ahead of me. As I entered Central Park I was starting to feel the humidity creep around me and hold on tightly to my body–but I wasn’t letting it get the best of me.  I kept running and running.  My stomach was not feeling too great, but I really didn’t want to stop because of it.  I pushed the issues to the back of my mind and decided that I would take this run one mile at a time.  When I got to the transverse at 102nd street on the west side I had to make a decision.

You see, this is the transverse that makes your run shorter, flatter, and a little more bearable when the humidity is at what seems like 100% OR this is the transverse that you run passed and start running towards Harlem Hill.

Harlem Hill–one of the best and worst things about Central Park.  A good spot for hill training, while also a good spot for wanting to keel over at the top(s) (where does it actually being and end who knows) and curse the sport of running forever.  Well on this very humid night (did I mention it was humid?) I decided to say KISS IT to Harlem Hill and run up it’s torturous curves.

I ran passed the transverse smiling all the way--ran up the first uphill towards Harlem, made it.  Ran down the first downhill around Harlem, made it.  Snapped a picture by the hockey rink. Ran up and around the second part towards the east side, made it.  Smiling all the way.  After Harlem Hill it was all downhill from there (and by downhill I mean just easier mentally because there are still hills in my run at this point, most notably Cat Hill).  I did have to make a quick bathroom stop at Bethesda (which I never do!!!) but I didn’t care.  I knew that I was going to run at least 10 miles and that was fine with me–10 beautiful miles on a Wednesday night to brighten and lighten my mood.  Thank you running gods for the strength.

Hello, Harlem

After my workout I enjoyed a lukewarm shower, an egg/cheese/salsa wrap and a butter/jelly bagel thin for dinner, 2 great TV show finales, time spent with my roommate and a good sleep.

I woke up again this morning and ran 4.5 miles.  It wasn’t great–my legs felt heavy and again it was extremely humid out.  But I knew that I would be a little groggy from yesterday. I am just glad I did it.  I have been holding strong on my running streak and I feel great!

I am also starting to find a lot of great running support via Daily Mile.  I am starting to love logging my mileage and getting words of encouragement from my friends on the site.  I highly recommend this Daily Mile if you are new to the sport, a veteran of the sport, a sometimes runner, an every day runner…whatever.  Friend me!

Everyone out there–have a great Thursday! Tomorrow is the unofficial start to Summer (in my mind)



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