Unofficial Start to Summer!

WOO HOO! The day has come–the unofficial first day (because I am currently at work for another hour) of the weekend that unofficially starts Summer.  To unofficially start my weekend I went on a 4 miler this morning along the East River.  It was humid and the fog was dense, but there was a slight breeze that made the conditions a little more bearable.

I felt pretty good and decided to ramp up the last two miles of my run.  I ended up doing 4.01 in 33:58. Not too shabby when I was only feeling a 2 miler when I dragged my ass out of bed this morning.


Ominous East River

Horror movie or East River?

I tweeted Sam Champion from Good Morning America a picture of my run this morning and he though it was pretty cool. I love him! Hi Sam Champion, you’re awesome.

At least one person enjoys my running pics!

This weekend I am, OF COURSE, headed to Long Island.  H, my mom, and myself (3 musketeers anyone?) are going to be enjoying some tennis, running, and beaching. We wanted to head up to Henry’s parents at the lake originally, but it is so darn far and H and I both had to work (sorry Ps!). Plus, c’mon who wouldn’t want to spend their weekend with my awesome mom? What are your plans for this weekend?  I think I need to look to Alex Eats Green for some summery and light food tips.

My favorite people

Mother’s Day 5k!

I made sure to pack H’s sneakers for this weekend.  Tuesday he informed me he wanted to run another 5k, but not anything further. I think that is what we call PROGRESS people! No matter what I am just proud of him that he ran his first ever race in 26 and change. Pretty sweet!

Last, but certainly not least, (just in case I am too wrapped up in Memorial Day Weekend festivities and can’t post) I want to take a second to thank our veterans and currently serving soldiers for their service, ESPECIALLY my older brother! I am so proud of you–as a member of the Army National Guard you are giving up a lot to ensure that I have the freedom to run daily and do as I please. Make sure you take a second to thank a veteran/soldier!

Brother 2010

Kurt after drill last weekend with my mom and cousin, Justin

I hope you all have a great MDW 2012. Stay safe. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t bike and drive.  Run lots. Stay hydrated. Wear sunscreen. Thank a member of our Armed Forces.

Happy (short) Friday!


101 thoughts on “Unofficial Start to Summer!

  1. It’s cold and a little rainy here in Southern California as well, but that is actually the norm for this weekend. Next week it’ll be SUMMER, no doubt. 🙂

    Checked out the post and was really caught by your request to thank a soldier. I this all the time to men and women in uniform. I’m surprised how often they are caught off guard that someone is “thanking” them just for serving.

    My brother served in the Army National Guard in Texas. I thank him all the time. For me, it’s an honor.

    Thanks for sharing your post!! I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend…

  2. Great post especially the fact that you took time to thank service members. I hope that you have a great MDW.”We come not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them”

  3. Hi, I love this post and especially the way you’ve incorporated the pics of the fog. You’re energy and enthusiasm for life shines through. I’m writing from Ireland and suddenly you build a bridge from me to your brother. He is the person, brother, son … that I will think of when I hear more about Memorial Day. Have a happy weekend!

  4. For almost two year I drove past FDR to drop my wife at her work on 125th st; East river is a great place to jog however I have never seen East river sidewalk/jog track as ghostly as captured in image! Looking forward to a sunny Memorial Day weekend. Have a great weekend.

  5. It actually rained here in California for about two minutes! Weird weather here too…

    Real soldiers never take thanks easily. Even after nineteen years in the Navy and a car accident in Iraq (two years later, he is still recovering), my husband remains humble and soft-spoken about his time in the military. Big thanks to your brother!

  6. Happy Memorial Day from over seas! New York still looks great regardless of the fog–super hazy here in Dubai due to sandstorms (and CERTAINLY not running weather–so unfortunate).

  7. My son served 4 years active Army and a 15 month tour in Iraq. It took a toll on us all, and we are richer and stronger as a family and community because of it. Happy Memorial Day to all active, veterans, and dearly departed. We are strong because you were brave.

  8. I love a good foggy day. On one of our trips we named it “The Hounds Of Baskersville” because of the great fog photos he captured. Congrats on being pressed

  9. Thank you for remembering our Armed Forces.My daughter Bethany is in the Navy and I wrote reminding people to thank our soldiers too.Blessingd to you and your family

  10. Happy Summer make sure there is plenty of water in your Summer…do dehydration before that finish line…sorry that is the mother in me and grandmother in me coming out…oops 🙂

  11. Summer in Vancouver too!!! Well… atleast as summer-y you can get with all the showers here on the West Coast 😉

  12. Very sweet and charming post. Have a great summer, dear and spread the sunshine. Congrats on being freshly pressed. 🙂

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  14. Oh wow, summer! Unfortunately, summer has just come to an end on my part of the world! Your post just brought back memories of what a wonderful summer it was for me. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a blast this summer!

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