Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, HI!! to all my new followers out there!  Being “freshly pressed” has been a complete blessing–and I have been able to learn so much about all of you.  Thanks for all the sweet comments and likes and follows and EVERYTHING!

I hope you all had a fabulous MDW 2012. This is going to be a long post but….

Here is a recap of mine:

Friday– H and I headed to Long Island for the weekend.  We were able to get on a 1:22 train, which was awesome and express and beautiful and great and fast.  Thank goodness for express trains, otherwise one could go really crazy. As soon as we got to Long Island we headed to a local bar to cool off with cold beers and appetizers. Running for the train did not enable us to eat lunch. My mom picked us up from the bar and we all headed home to hangout for awhile before dinner.  We ended up walking to our favorite Mexican place in town and it was delish. We called it an early night, glad we did!

Blue Moon and Newcastle

Dinner Friday

Saturday- I woke up pretty early and went for a 6 miler in the town. It is amazing how much better I feel if I run in the morning.  I know it is hard to get up sometimes, but let me tell you if you JUST GET UP AND GO you will love yourself so much more later! It was a beautiful morning and when my mom and I got home from our runs (not together) we woke H up and decided it was the perfect beach morning/day. I didn’t take any pics of my runs this weekend but you have seen my Babylon runs time and time again–swans, lake, blue skies, etc.

Beach Day 1

Toes in the sand

The beach was just perfect and since we live close we get to go for only a few hours, which is the perfect amount of time.  After we had enough of got stressed out by watching a couple with 2 young kids try to set up an entire playroom on the beach (inflatable pool included, are you kidding YOU HAVE AN OCEAN?!) we decided to head inland.  Saturday night ended up being a late one.  We ate dinner at another great restaurant in town and then stayed out. Lord, did we go out.  I haven’t done that in awhile–but it was really fun and we made some new friends (they LOVED H!)

H and his new girlfriends

Worst idea ever.

Although Saturday was extremely fun, it is NOT something I do a lot anymore (going out, not eating good food…I do that a lot).  I was feeling it on Sunday morning…running has really changed my limits and even these little soco lime shots made me feel like a truck ran over me twice the following day.

Sunday- The morning was all about relaxing and by the early afternoon I was starting to feel a bit better. Hank and I grabbed our tennis gear and headed out to find public courts.  FAIL.  The only courts we found were LOCKED! We ran 2 miles (at least) around town hoping and dreaming of tennis.  In the end we were just sweaty, soggy messes.  We came back home and decided to play H’s “new (made-up) game” bocce/tennis. Owned it! Sorry, H!  Do you ever feel like you have a day that goes on for a really long time and you do a lot of really random things in that day? That was Sunday.  After bocce/tennis my mom and I went to get food to grill for dinner AND, a natural accompaniment, new running shoes! Thank you Sayville Running Company for the great help and the BEAU-TI-FUL new Brooks Ghost 4 (I think) that you sold me! They are amazing, wonderful clouds of love.  The rest of the night consisted of me lusting over my new shoes, grilling steaks, drinking a few beers (a FEW), and playing rummy–which, YES, my mom KILLED H and I in.

Loving my new Brooks!

My new sneaks!

Chef and steaks!

Monday– Memorial Day!! Another shout out to all of our troops, past and present, who have sacrificed for us to live the way we do. You are all awesome! Monday the fam and I  headed to the beach early. Left the beach early.  Ate Wendy’s (woops, I never said I ate healthy all the time) and ran. Duh.  I ran about 4.5 HOT AS HELL miles, about keeled over when I got home, and was still sweating by the time I ran this morning. Yes, I am dramatic. Anyone else in the Northeast have the same experience? Sheesh it is HOT! One lesson I have learned by my Monday run–marathon training will be done EARLY in the morning. Better start setting the alarm even earlier. 

Happy Memorial Day! (cool pic I took)

Day 2

Beach buds

We caught a late train and H was pretty tuckered out. Exhibit A:

Poor thing

Sheesh this post is really long–I know you guys are SO interested! So WAIT there’s more.  I took some pics of my 5.6 miler this morning (random, I know).  It was ANOTHER hot one…I ran in Central Park.  Oh, park. How I have missed you.

Keeping right.

Little CP collage action. Thanks, Geoff for the new app tip!

Did I ever mention how much better I feel after running in the morning? Even completely exhausted as I was, I got up and did it.  I am thankful as ever today because here in New York it is 90 DEGREES!! I even inspired my mom to wake up early in Long Island and run, good job mom!!

What did everyone out there do for MDW? Was it as eventful as mine? Did anyone else run in the heat today?

I hope you all have a wonderful day!! Hump Day already tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday 🙂


ps: don’t forget to follow me on twitter and like me on facebook  It will be worth it, I promise.


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