Adventure Wednesday

Okay, okay.

SO I am NOT really having an adventure today.  Actually today has sort-of sucked in the way that only days where you are sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours can.  You know, work, work, and more answering emails work.


Although today has gone by relatively fast, by the end of the day I really needed a physical and mental boost.

Cue: cube neighbor.  My cube neighbor is the best.  He always has sweet treats and savory treats and, well, treats. This week, though, I am trying this new thing where I eat super pure and healthy protein-packed foods that do not cancel out every mile that I run…fun stuff! So when cube neighbor did his usual 3:45 look over at me thru the glass and smile because he is going to give me something really bad and unhealthy (ex: twix AKA my fav candy) to eat look–I was scared. Turns out he just wanted to take me on a wasabi pea adventure!

Wasabi Pea!

We decided that eating wasabi peas is an adventure because you never know when the wasabi is going to clear out your nostrils and make you wish you were eating not only less of them but also eating them slower.  For some reason wasabi peas reminded me of edamame (which I also snacked on earlier) and so I wanted to google nutrition facts and find out how horrible these things were for us.

Estimated (important to me) nutrition facts:

1/2 cup: 120 calories, 3g fat, 4g protein, 1g fiber (not too shabby!)

I probably had less than a half a cup of these and I went on a spicy adventure with them (and my cube neighb) so it was totally worth it!

The end of this day is making me delirious and also making me VERY happy that I did my workout this am.

Today’s workout:

2.1 miles on dreadmill 20 minutes of running (for the RUN STREAK!!)

Dead-lifts, squats (added 5lbs to both, yay!!), pushups, and other misc lifting equaling an hour of working out. I was dead tired this morning so I am proud of myself for getting up and going. Weights always prove to be a harder workout than I anticipate. BUT I also feel like I am getting a lot better at lifting. Anyone else feel the same way?


Finally–I found this: 100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today  which I think is worth sharing and I hope it helps everyone who is still on the fence about being active get up and go!!



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