Summer Friday Lovin’

Well hello, Friday.  How quickly, yet slowly, you come each week.  Teasing me with beautiful Thursday nights and text messages from my friends drinking at the Frying Pan.  Friday, Friday.

Last night I was babysitting the little ones and it was gorgeous out so I tempted them to go out in their backyard (yes, there are apartments mansions in NYC that have backyards and I am lucky enough to babysit for a wonderful family that has one) and play for a bit.  Their neighbors were having a dinner party and I was so hypnotized by the beautiful lights that they had going on I had to snap a pic, creepily.

Cool Backyard in NYC

Little H asked me “you like Carol’s lights?” then matter-of-factly told me “they have dirt in their backyard, we have grass.”  I informed him that there is no way his awesome mom would have dirt in their yard because then they wouldn’t play and it would defeat the purpose. He agreed. After playing out back, S decided to play with rip my hair out while informing me that “I have pony tail hair, that means it is MADE to be up.”  Thanks S, I will take that as a compliment considering I hardly ever wear my hair down these days. And thanks for the pony 🙂 You get gentler every day. Love these kiddos.

I got to bed a little late to be waking up this morning to run so I decided to take the morning off.  I was extremely pissed off at my decision when I caught the morning weatherman saying this was possibly one of the best days of the year AND my boyfriend even texted me the following:

H: Morning Baby

Me: Morning. Just waking up I was so tired.

H: It’s a nice morning. You should run.

Me: I am after work, haha

H: Oh. It’s so nice right now perfect running weather but I’m sure it will be nice this afternoon too.

WAAAH!! Even H is telling me that it is perfect running weather. I really did screw up my decision on this one. Oh well, I am tired and sometimes you need to let your body rest in order to put one foot in front of the other.

I did get to enjoy a beautiful walk to work this morning and I have my backpack all ready to go for my run to Central Park this afternoon. Did I mention I get Summer Fridays?  Oh, no? Well I do…see you at 2 p.m. Central Park!

Hope you all have a great Friday and start to your weekend!



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