Can the sun just stay there? Thanks.

Today has been a bleak one.  I am not in the mood for anything really. Just so, blah.  I hate those days.  I want my days to always feel like this:

Sunshine and Rainbows

Exhausted from the weekend, I didn’t get up and run this morning…so now I have my internal demons trying to trick me into thinking I am too tired to run home, when really I am probably more tired because I did not get my daily dose of running endorphins yet.

Hi, my name is complainer and today I will complain.

Does anyone else find rainy weather to be a real Debbie Downer sometimes? Currently the Sun (he is a person) is peaking through my cube window and all I can think is “Can you just stay there, Sun? Thanks.”  Right there. In the sky. Little rays arms poking through and giving me hugs and stuff.  Come on, Sun. Make my day.

This weekend was really fun and I am not going to do a full recap RIGHT NOW, but I do want you to know that I quit my running streak on Saturday. Yep, I QUIT! Wanna know why? A lot of the “because”  was that it was my last weekend in NYC before marathon training where I could really go out with my friends and let loose. But a lot of the “because” was also that my right foot has been bothering me lately and there is NO WAY I am going to let streaking get in the way of my marathon training and give me an injury.  (Did I mention I am running a marathon?) So, SEE YA, Run Streak.  It was fun. It’s not you it’s me. I can’t keep up with you anymore. But I still want to be friends and MAYBE we can work things out later.

Sunday I did run though. A cool  hot 4 miles.  I mostly ran because H made encouraged me to go. Probably Definitely because he knew I would be in a foul mood at myself and others if I didn’t. I cruised along the East River.  I ran about 8:30 minute miles, and I did not MEAN to do that.

Here are some fun pics from the weekend:

Laying in the park on Saturday afternoon.

Hanging out on our little porch Saturday evening

Cafe Wha Saturday night

1 of my 2 beautiful roomies

More girlfriends!

Or maybe this little trick was why H wanted me to go run…

So basically…I want sun. I quit streaking. I need encouragement to run home tonight. I love running. Everything is going to be alright.  I need running endorphins to make me happy. Blah blah!


Happy Runday to all!


6 thoughts on “Can the sun just stay there? Thanks.

  1. It has been raining here for four straight days and I too have been in a funk! A different Nancy comes out when the sun disappears…crossing my fingers for sun tomorrow 🙂

  2. I ran for 8k’s on Friday in the rain for my first rain run! It was lots of fun! Forget about the weather and just get out and run, you’ll feel better. No marathon for me quite yet, just getting used to 5-10k’s again but at some point I’ll get there. Good luck with the trainning!

  3. I felt the same yesterday and today! It got cold and started to rain. It is still cold today; it even snowed a little. SNOWED!! Well, I suppose that’s what I get for living in the Sierra Mountains (people skied on the 4th of July last year). I’ve definitely been in a poopy mood. At least the sun is shining a little now and the birds are whistling. Good speed for your marathon!

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