Recharged Tuesday

This when my alarm went off I seriously contemplated not getting out of bed.  As always, I guess.  I think we all do that…don’t like you know you do that!

I am glad I did.  It was simply beautiful out this morning.  I felt totally recharged from yesterday’s mood swingyness and I ran 7.19 miles in pretty much an hour flat.  I took a new route in the park and realized that when I am running at a swift and easy pace I have plenty of time to get an extra mile or so in.  Go me!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the marathon…I think because training is coming up so quickly (which is, arguably, the real marathon).  I have seriously been looking into joining a running club in NYC, but I cannot find one that fits me perfectly.  Mid 20’s, a little above average pace, likes morning runs but will run at night, marathon training etc. etc.  Does anyone out there have any good suggestions?  Not sure why joining a running club is so intimidating to me. I guess because in my mind I am still “new” at running. When I think of  a running club I think of a bunch of beastly fast 40 somethings who were Big 10 runners’ of the year or something.  Shake that thought. Shake that thought!

If anyone has any suggestions, or just wants to start a group run with me, please let me know!!



and other various reasons.  Take some time and think about why you like to run tonight. Then get up in the morning, or join your running group at night, or whatever…and remember that reason and JUST RUN!!

Happy Tuesday to all!


ps: sorry this is such a short post it has been a crazy day xoxo



3 thoughts on “Recharged Tuesday

  1. Sounds like a great run! I googled running clubs nyc and got new york road runners. I wouldn’t mind joining a running club myself. I live in Brampton Ont and we have The Running Room which I might check out sometime! Keep up the running!

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