Reasons why 6.6 is an AWESOME day!

Today I am going to bore make you happy with my top 3 reasons on why today ROCKS.  These are in order of least awesomest to most awesomest.

3. National Running Day: Yes, yes this is a running blog. And yes, National Running Day is in 3rd place for why June 6th is an bitchin’ awesome day.  But, there are 2 good reasons for that. You will understand. I promise.  National Running Day is great. I mean come on there EVERY DAY is literally NATIONAL _________ DAY.  So why shouldn’t there be a day dedicated to running? Run solo, run with a group, run fast, run slow, run long, run short, run/walk. Just run. That is what this day is for and it is great. I ran 4.5 miles this morning along the East River and the weather was, as it has been this week, beautiful.

If you aren’t a runner you should use this day as an excuse to get out there and try it.  If you are a runner you should DEFINITELY be running today…no excuses!  Check out for gear, discounts, events etc. You won’t regret it (you also won’t regret running today…so SERIOUSLY. RUN.) 

In honor of National Running Day here are some pics of my favorite races!

NYRR Mini 10k- 2011

NYRR Mini 10k – 2011

NYC Half- 2012

AHA Wall Street Run – 2011

Mother’s Day Run – 2012 (Division 1st place)

2. Moose’s 6th Birthday: I LOVE MY DOG (I think more than running, which is a bold statement)Moosie was born on this day 6 years ago.  Technically that makes this his “golden” birthday AND makes him a devil (6.6.6 is his bday).  Even though he can be loco at times, I love him to death. And, no. The answer is, no. He does not like to run. I can barely get him to walk!

In honor of Moosie’s birthday I will honor you all with some cutie pie pics of him!

Chilling with his Moose.

Begging for some cheez-its.

Hanging out with mommy

Best buds

Bath time!

1. Today 3 years ago, I met my best friend: Wow, 3 years? Time flies! 3 years ago today I met my love. You all know him mostly by “H” or “Hank,” but to me he is usually “boo” (unless he changes my auto-correct in my iPhone then whatever he is to me depends on his trickery).

H and I met through a mutual friend, but really through fate. We have gone through a lot in the past 1,095 days but it has all been worth it and we are happier than ever! You see pics of Boo all the time so I will share with you something I sent him today.  I tried to find a pic of just us two the first night in NYC that we met, but I couldn’t.  What I could find was two individual pics of us on the subway that our mutual friend, Bri, had taken 3 years ago to the day…And sort-of. The answer is sort-of. From a recent turn of events, he sort-of runs.

3 years later…

Love you!

So now you know why today rocks, and why National Running Day comes in a 3rd place finish.  Today is one of those really inspirational days where I take a step back and realize how lucky I am in life. Amongst other things, I can run freely, I have a great family, and I have a beyond wonderful significant other.

Here’s to hoping you all get out there today and not only run, but realize.

Happy National Running Day!!



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