Hi, Tuesday!

Hi everyone! Geeze feels like I haven’t posted a real post in a really long time! What even is a real post? I am not sure. I am imagining me typing for a long time about things I have done and runs I have run. Hmm…

Well, doesn’t really matter. Today is a REAL post! So Hi!

Last weekend I was in Central Pennsylvania for my little cousin’s graduation from high school. I feel like I have been talking about this for about 5 months.  Friday was finally the day. WOO Meggy graduated!


My time there was so relaxing and I totally miss being there as much as I was in college. Penn State was a mere 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my families’ houses and in Central PA itself, so I saw this kind of beauty all the time:

It is hard to believe that it is only 3.5 hours (6 million hours with traffic) away from NYC.  Don’t get me wrong, I love NYC…but I definitely did not grow-up in a city so being able to go back to my roots is important to me. And makes me sad and stuff when I leave.

Usually when I go to Central PA for the weekend I am all braggy about how awesome my runs were. and peaceful. and fresh airy. and clear. and smogfree. and beautiful. Well, I have a confession to make.  This trip I only ran ONCE and it was not awesome. It was hard, and hot, and hilly, and not even particularly long at all.

I ended up taking the long way (which is fine and actually better) to avoid traffic, as per my grandparents’ request, and in turn ended up on a HUGE (I mean 100% incline) HUGE, hill.  Thanks Halifax, PA, thanks.

To be fair, hill training is pretty important. But I was not ready for that. I have barely been training on hills and it was about 82 degrees at 9 am when I was running. Next time I am going to try to wake up a bit earlier and take a few laps on Harlem Hill a day or so before my trip in order to mentally prepare.  Does anyone have advice for training on hills?  I try to take the hilly route as much as possible, but sometimes I just don’t have it in me.

I did not run Saturday OR Sunday in Pennsylvania because I was nursing my foot.  It has been so tight lately and I have pain on the ball of it–I was hoping a few days rest would help…and it did! Sometimes you have to mentally talk yourself into resting just as much as getting out there and running. I think the resting part is harder to talk a runner into.

Last night I ended up aggressively running 5 miles in Central Park.  I had A LOT of personal frustrations to run out and I definitely took it out on my legs. OUCH! This morning I was feeling it. I ran 6 miles and my legs were hurting. I need to use my stick to roll out some kinks! I am very happy to be back in the routine of running though. 2 days off is A LOT for me, and though I needed it I was ready to be back.

Marathon training starts in 2 weeks OFFICIALLY! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited/nervous I could scream! Does anyone have any pointers?

I hope you guys all have a great Tuesday! Tomorrow I get to go see The Newsies on Broadway compliments of my wonderful boyfriend, so running in the morning! Can’t wait (for the play AND the run)!

Happy Tuesday!


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