I am weak!

This morning I realized just how much I really need to get back to lifting and doing some type of boot camp class once a week.  I am SO WEAK!

It doesn’t help that an elite triathlete trains with his personal trainer right next to me most mornings I am weight training…sooo MAYBE, just MAYBE my view is skewed. But still. I can feel it.  I can feel the weakness in my bones.  I need to get into a routine, seriously this time, of lifting each week at least twice a wee or doing body-weight strength training moves.

As a distance runner (oh, I can call myself that!) sometimes weights take a back seat. I get on “weight lifting kicks” and feel awesome and great and stronger and all that jazz…then I fall out of my kick and running is my only priority.  Maybe two a day workouts need to happen twice a week. Breaking up the workouts at different times of day may help me not to feel so paranoid about missing a run because of lifting or overwhelmed at the thought of the time commitment to do both. But it will give me a lot more dirty laundry–hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

This morning I squatted, dead lifted, and did a mini kettle bell workout–I also incorporated some other strength moves into my workout including pushups.  After I did weights for about 45 minutes I decided to run a quick 2 miles. Again, I am a freak when it comes to “missing” any sort of run. STOP, ASHLEE, STOP!

Today at work has been quite insane so I can’t give you much more than my workout, but I will ask you something…what are your favorite weight routines? Runner specific? Not runner specific? Doesn’t matter. I just need some advice–don’t be shy…tell me how to get stronger!!

Happy Hump Day!

Newsies in T-minus 4 hours!


8 thoughts on “I am weak!

  1. I used to be the same as you where I skipped on strength training and would have a panic attack if I missed any scheduled run! Unfortunately I say “used to” because I’ve since injured myself and strength training is all I can do. I’m only telling you this as a cautionary tale and motivation to lift!

    I LOVE Refine Method and think the exercises are perfect for a runner (or at least a runner with weak glutes and hips such as myself). Try a few work outs though and see what works for you and what you like enough to stick with!

  2. I work on weights three to four days a week at the gym. Usually I will double up muscle groups and do three to four exercises for each muscle group. I’m sure there is an app that can help you with different weight routines. For each exercise I do three sets of 6-8 reps. On days I’m in the gym I usually run on the treadmill those days. Hope that helps! All the best in your training!

    • Thanks!! That is pretty much what I do–I think I am coming to terms with the fact that I know what I am doing I just have no motivation for it… I am so aggressive with running and weights don’t feel aggressive to me even though they are!! Thank you 🙂

      • Try a reward system. Treat yourself to something after a weight workout and hopefully that will help you with the motivation. Good luck with the weights a marathon training!

  3. Hey there–I bought the book, “New Rules of Lifting for Women” and I LOVE it! I think I ordered it from Amazon. Check it out!

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