Mother-Daughter Boot Camp

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! 

Last night my mom stayed in the city with me because she ran the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge with some of her colleagues! She is way more of a social butterfly (who knew?) than me and when I got done with babysitting I met her at a local bar where their after race “happy hour” was.

Side note: I was inhaling my dinner last night, among other snacks, with the kids and the following conversation with  little S happened:

Little S: “why are you changing your eating habits?”

Me:”what do you mean?”  

Little S:  “you are eating a lot AND you just ate chocolate, you never eat chocolate…”

Cannot believe she called me out on my increased appetite!! Okay, okay so I am training harder but sheesh! Kids these days! and by the way Little S, I do eat chocolate, just not normally at 8 a.m. on Saturdays when I see you the most 🙂  #embarrassingbabysittingproblems  

I met one of mom’s coworkers who is participating in Team in Training and doing her first half-marathon, The Hamptons Half, in September. Like any good runner would do, I shared with her some of my best tips for success from my experience with running and with Team.

  1. Stay dedicated 
  2. Run with your buddies/teammates
  3. Cross-train 
  4. Focus on finishing, but not finishing in a certain amount of time 
  5. HAVE FUN! 

Hopefully her half is amazing and she takes me up on my offer of emailing/calling/texting whenever she needs motivation or advice!

After we had a couple drinks we dispersed and my mom and I went home. We had to get to bed because this morning was boot camp morning!! It felt so good to wake up early on a Friday, head over to Central Park, and have a guided boot camp.  Everything was your own body weight–think squat jumps, push-ups, burpees, etc. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow.  I should have taken some pictures but I was too involved in kicking my own butt to care this morning.  More boot camp = more strength and more strength = faster/longer running!

I am so thankful that I have such a fit and active mom, it makes our activities a lot more fun for the both of us. And, yes mom, I will admit it…even though I can run faster you are definitely stronger!  My mom does small group personal training/boot camp every week and she has muscles of steel. It is incredible.

Mom running 10k

Mom and I Turkey Trot 2011, must’ve been sunny!

Do any of you share a passion of living a fit life with your parents? What kind of activities do you guys do together? 

Hope everyone has a great weekend–I have a big one coming up! The light of my life is coming to visit from California, Payton Rose!! Oh, and I guess I am excited to see her mom too…and maybe her dad just a little bit.

Payton Rose and her two favorite aunties!

My best!

Go out and enjoy the weather this weekend by doing something active!

Make it a good one 🙂

PS: Stay tuned for a special recipe from my personal favorite, personal chef, Jessie! 


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