Weekend Recap

This weekend was  perfection. After a quiet Friday night and a great Saturday morning, which included running 10k worth of miles and a little babysitting action, I was ready to party on Saturday night.

My best friend was here from California for Aunt Michelle’s 40th birthday part in West Chester. Her family is definitely my second family, so H and I Metro Northed it to Mamaroneck for Saturday/Sunday celebrations.

I finally got to see my little Payday and she is growing up SO fast.  She can walk and talk and laugh and understand and…she is a mini-human. It is scary.

Saturday morning snuggles

Waking up her Uncle H

Saturday night was a blast–I took only a few pics on my iPhone but there are good ones coming from Michelle’s camera. We went to MichaelAngelo’s in the Bronx where Michelle’s husband, Albert, rented out the whole place. AMAZING! So many friends and family were there to wish Michelle a much deserved Happy Birthday! ps: none of these pics has Michelle in it…she must have been too busy being the bday girl! Sorry Michelle!

Me, Catie, Demi


H and Kev

Even if I only get to see Catie and the fam for a day or 2, it is 100x better than our college years when seeing each other was a lot harder and few and far between. 4 months until I am in California for her wedding and ONLY two weeks until we are in South Carolina for the fourth! 

I was SO tired yesterday it really took a toll on me. I skipped my run as I didn’t get a train home until after 5 and I was way too exhausted to even think about lacing up. Only one more week before marathon training starts and “skipping runs” is not an option. Better take advantage of it now! This morning I woke up to go on a quick 5 miler. Not sure if it was my day of rest or the cooler temps but I was flying at about 8:00 miles. Crazy…I think my GPS may have been off a bit but it is hard to believe because it is usually really accurate. Sometimes after a day of rest, even if it is because I am exhausted and slightly hungover, I just have a great run.  My legs thanking me perhaps?

Since I don’t usually blog on Sundays I didn’t get to wish all the dad’s out there a belated Happy Father’s Day! I hope you all had a great one! Cheers to my dad 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

Hope you guys all have a great Runday! Make sure to get your miles in before the heat wave hits if you are in NYC!



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