Moving Night

Last night was a big one–I moved!

Across the kitchenette in my apartment. I have lived in the same apartment in NYC for 2 years.  That is about all that has remained constant.  In true NYC fashion roommates have changed, decorations have come and gone, cleanliness has had its ups and downs, and keys have been made and lost.  Finally, I feel like my apartment has gotten it right.

Our Christmas Tree 2011

I am now living with two of the best girlfriends a runner could as for and so happy!  Last night I moved into the “big” room  with the help of my fab roommates.  We stretched our muscles, moved furniture, took apart then put together a bed, made some artwork, drank some wine, and ate some sushi–all in the name of making our apartment homey.

pics from H, altered by Bri

I am totally using last night as a supplemental workout.  

Having a good home and a positive atmosphere (all around in life) is so important to running.  As I was running this morning I was thinking that, as much as running is a stress-reliever, stress can also cause your running to suffer.  These past few months have felt really stressed out about a lot of things, mostly to do with the changing around of apartment life, but Monday and Tuesday mornings’ runs were beyond easy and beautiful.  I felt less stressed out, because there was a light at the end of the tunnel for a calmness in my home life.

Does stress help or hurt your run? Does it matter? Is running simply an outlet for you to remove stress for your life?  I think for me it is a mixture of all of the above…no matter what though, the running remains constant.

Cheers to Tuesday!


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