Weight Lifting Wednesday

OH BABY!  It is hot out there.

Last night my roommate and I were frantically going to every home store in the city trying to find a TV stand for my new room. We are both a little type A so we want things now, and done now, and if we have to search all night or do it ourselves…we will.

As we were walking down 6th ave we started sweating our butts off.  DANG! It got hot out LATE last night.  Likeeee, forreal.  I think we were walking around at 7 p.m. and you could feel the heat and humidity start to creep in, not normal.  Isn’t 7 p.m. when the cool breeze starts?

I think a red map is bad?

We started our adventure at Pier 1 (sorry for placing an item on hold and NOT walking out of the store with it) and ended up at Bed Bath and Beyond where we found the perfect little bookcase to do the job.

perfect fit

While both Brianna and I are completely obsessed with Pier 1, I just could not bring myself to spend $150 dollars on a bookcase. Plus I am equally obsessed with BB&B or any other home store that exists (hi, Home Goods. Miss you. Love you. XOXO)

We fixed up my room a little more, hooked up the TV, cooked some dinner, plotted our next home projects and watched some Real Housewives of OC. How did we not know that Tamra got proposed to? Cray.

Let me tell you–having girlfriends as roommates is extremely fun, and extremely missed (hi, Penn State 116. Miss you. Love you. XOXO) it is also exhausting. It seems like all we want to do is organize, clean, cook, and DIY projects.  Stereotyping us much?

Penn State–glory days

Before I went to bed I made sure to turn every fan in the house on full blast–in anticipation of heat I wanted a good night sleep so that I wake up for Weight Lifting Wednesday! 

Mission accomplished!!!  This morning I added 5lbs to my squats and deads. Incorporated standing rows and kettle bell moves into my workout and continued on with other misc moves. Weight Lifting Wednesday is going to be a hit with my body, I just know it! I can feel myself getting stronger (do I say this every time?), something that I desperately need to feel because I want to run faster and longer.  

Bent Over Row– bodybuilding.com

Tomorrow morning I am getting up for a run…let’s see how that goes with this heat. Maybe I will just get up at like 4 am and go for it (yeah right!)

Does anyone have any unique tips for running in the heat?  I know the basics. Stay hydrated, light clothes (color and material), go slow, stop if you feel sick or tired etc.  But not sure if anyone had anything special and cool that they did to run  just that extra mile longer in the hot weather–let me know if you do!

Happy Hump Day to all!


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