Carolina On My Mind

Remember that time that I was in NYC for the weekend with no obligations? Oh, me either. 

This weekend I am going to visit my family in North/South Carolina! I really can’t wait!! Please do not take my sarcasm above as true sarcasm (the whole side bar conversation about being in NYC never). I love traveling and I am blessed to have such a great family/group of friends to go and see throughout the United States.  BUT in true Ashlee fashion I am going to be traveling when I should be concentrating on my marathon training AND to top it off it is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!! 

where I grew up

I am already anticipating how early I am going to have to wake up in order to beat the 100 degree heat. Yes, you heard right 100 degrees.  Have you ever felt 100 degree and above temps in North and/or South Carolina?  If you think the Northeast is hot and humid in the 80s or 90s…well just increase that by like, I don’t know, 100%?

hi, heat. real heat.

So here is my question to all of you runners/outdoor enthusiasts out there. What is your UNIQUE way to stay cool while training outside in the heat?

Here are some of my tips/tricks, but I want more:

  • Run early–great excuse to see the sunrise, great way to not pass out
  • Stay hydrated–freezing water bottles is a quick and easy way to ensure you will always have cold water
  • G2 is your friend –you might not necessarily need a full calorie sports drink to stay hydrated (depending on your activity level/length), but a low-cal sports drink like G2 will definitely give you that extra boost of electrolytes and energy
  • Go shirtless–yep, go shirtless.  Throw some sunscreen on and wear as little clothes as possible 🙂

Your turn…

Hope you guys are all having a great Thursday! Get out there and RUN HAPPY 🙂


2 thoughts on “Carolina On My Mind

  1. Greetings from Virginia where we are expecting super high temps as well! Our training has us running 10 on Sunday. I would imagine we’ll be heading out at 5 a.m. at the latest and heading for our favorite shady trail. Of course we’ll be bringing our G2 and/or water. My running buddy suggested that we fill a sandwich bag with ice and put it in our running hats to keep us cool. I don’t know if we’ll try that this weekend, but why not? 🙂 Happy Running!

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