I’m Tired

Seriously tired. 

Last night I probably got a total of 4 hours of sleep.  AND NO. It was not because I was doing anything fun.  I will leave the details sparse, but my lack of sleep was due to other people having too much fun and keeping me up.

THEN I proceed to miss boot camp for two reasons:

  1. I was exhausted
  2. It was storming hardcore when my alarm went off so I assumed it would be canceled

Friday routine, ruined.  Because of this I have been in a less than stellar mood all day–and I just want to get out of it! I had the option of doing Insanity today at 12:30 with a work crew, but I think it is just going to stress me out more. Marathon training starts tomorrow morning, I have to travel this afternoon/tonight, I am hungry, my eyes are going to fall out of their sockets.  Case made–sitting outside enjoying some subway and my kindle for lunch and relaxing before travel stresses begin.

In the case of bad mood Fridays I am not going to continue to vent to you all.  I am going to take my rest day in peace. But I will share this with you:


Why? Because I wanted to. And it gives ms a chuckle–and chuckles bring out tiny smiles–and tiny smiles lead to bigger smiles–and I want to be happy. So there.

Happy Friday to all!

To everyone racing, stay safe and good luck! 

To everyone traveling, stay safe and good luck! 




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