1st Marathon Training Long Run

Just wanted to do a quick Saturday post because I had a GREAT (first marathon long run) run this morning! I woke up at 6:30, laced up, fueled up, and headed out.

I was running through my old neighborhood and rediscovering all the old sidewalks I used to run down with my friends. Back then, though I thought distances were much further. The space from my childhood home to my best friend’s childhood home seemed much shorter now that I am in my mid-20s and a long distance runner (I can say that, yay!)

I got to about 2.67 miles when a pittbull came out of  nowhere. I did get a little scared at first because I wasn’t sure if he was going to be friendly, so I slowly put my hand out and let him sniff me. He ended up being a sweet pup but he was following me and I didn’t know what to do. Long adventure short, a nice couple helped me and we called the police.

This was obviously not the ideal decision but we did not know what to do. The pup was older, his back legs looked weak etc.  When the officer arrived she was very sweet to him.  He went right into the back of her car, but she quickly noticed that he had a rash that indicated he had been laying in his own urine…a sign he might be sick.  SO SAD.  I teared up as I watched him go not knowing what was going to happen but I just hope that I saved him for a worse end, like getting hit by a car or abused to death.  I am an animal lover so this just tortured me.

The Puppy

After the little 25 min “detour” I put my headphones back in and tried to think positive thoughts. I ran the last 5.5 miles or so of my 8 miler. The weather was still gorgeous and the air fresh but there was still a stale taste in my mouth after seeing such a sad sight.

Has anyone else ever “found” an unwanted dog on a run? Did I do the right thing? Is anyone in the Charlotte area looking for a pup to adopt–I could easily call the police department to find out where he is.

I hope that you all stay safe in the heat out there today and have a fabulous weekend.

Good luck to all the racers out there!!




5 thoughts on “1st Marathon Training Long Run

  1. I ALWAYS try to help lost dogs get back home or to a better home. I lost a very special lab a few years back. I was so very appreciative to those who called with information! Unfortunately, no one was able to help me track down my dog but you never know. You did the right thing!

  2. Great blog, I think you did the right thing for the pup. Hopefully the poor dog will get proper treatment. Let me know if you here of the outcome of the pup. I’m up 20.35miles of my 26miles in a week challenge! Have a good weekend!

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