That is how you end the dreaded first day back to work after vacation.  Forgetting your wallet. On your desk. With all your belongings in it. No food in the fridge. Have to babysit. Thank goodness for cash stash. Awesomeness.

Today was busy at work, naturally, and I was feeling a little fatigued. My best guess for the reason behind the fatigue is that I did not quite eat enough today…after gorging all vacation it is hard to keep in perspective how much is too much and how much is not enough. 

Today while on my run, 4.62 miles through the park, I started thinking about how much I really want to delve into a new charity program and get super involved. I need the extra push–the extra boots. During the few minutes that I had downtime I started researching new charities to run with/volunteer with. Here are some of the ones I am intrigued by and have started “applying” to:

1. Lungevity Program

2. Clean:Water

3. Team In Training (season 4, anyone?)


These are all great charities with different aspects to them–some have running teams, some don’t quite. Some have opportunity to get involved in galas and travel, some don’t. Either way–I think it is worth the inquiries to check them out!

Have any of you run for charity? What is your favorite one? What charities are you involved with outside of running?

Tonight I am babysitting. The kids have been at their grandma’s and apparently not sleeping a lot so they are extremely calm right now. I ordered some Pad Thai (guilty pleasure) and Disney is on…let Thursday night begin (and end) so that I can wake up refreshed for boot camp and run to get my wallet in the morning!

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂


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