Straight Dusted

Happy Friday to all!

I started my morning off with boot camp and my tris are KILLING me! Straight dusted by my mini crossfit workout on Tuesday and by this morning’s boot camp. Dusted is a new California cool fitness word that I picked up from my future “brother-in-law” and I am hoping to get it adopted here in NYC…so stick with me people! It basically means that they are toast. dead. murdered. hurting. etc. etc. I am sure you get it!

Does anyone have a good tricep stretch for me?

Come on….I know someone has a good tricep stretch for me! 

We did lots of squats at boot camp today, something I am hoping does not have any effect on my 9 miler in the morning.  Today my trainer told me my arms look like I have been working out!! WOOP WOOP! I feel like I am finally getting toned again and definitely stronger–just two strength sessions a week do wonders. It is hard to believe! He also asked me how my marathon training was going, and I had nothing but good things to say.  I feel like people think training for races, whether short or long distances, is SO hard.  Truth be told. It really isn’t. Honestly I have not backed off “training” that much from when I was doing my NYC Half program.  Being healthy doesn’t end when a race is over and my healthy lifestyle involves long distance running forever now.  There are bad days as a distance runner just like with any other “training,” and there are awesome days.  There are time periods where I run more and time periods when I run less….but so far I just think that I am in a time period where the bad might outweigh the good because the long runs outweigh the short…make sense? Not sure. I think I am rambling.  See below.

my motto

Tomorrow after a wonderful run (I think I can I think I can), and babysitting the kiddos, I am really looking forward to spending time with my roommate. Our plans include: organizing our apartment, seeing Magic Mike, arts and crafts, eating smoothies and street meat, laying out in the park, cleaning, and renting movies (or catching up on Breaking Bad bc our other roommie wants us to while she is out of town)–ahh glorious. Just like Summer ’09 when we were interning.

Summer 2009

Now–just a tad more adult

 I hope everyone out there has a great weekend!! Stay safe in the heat and happy running 🙂


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