Runday Inspiration

As some of you may already know I have been in the midst of a change in my apartment.  Out with the old in with the new type stuff.  A new roommate–which has come with a new room for me and the desire to buy many new things to make the apartment look different (and better)!

As some of you may also know, last year I made the commitment to run 9 New York Road Runner races and volunteer at 1.  I decided to do the 9+1 guaranteed entry program for the New York City Marathon.  I guess you can say it was the 1st road, to the road I am now on (training road), to getting to the road to the finish-line on 11/4/12.  Lots of roads.

So what do the apartment thingy and 9+1 thingy have in common?  These two roads have intersected and meet at Inspiration Lane.  Okay, this post is cheesy! 

But look at this awesome thing I made with my 9+1 bibs! 

marathon inspiration!

My bibs are now hanging up in my room where I can see them every single morning when my alarm goes off and my big eyes open.  They are that extra push for me to fall out of bed and realize that waking up at 5:30 in the morning to run is going to be SO WORTH IT on Marathon Morning! That everything that I am doing every single day, whether it is eating right, drinking water, running, cross-training, icing my wittle toes, every single thing is the path to being a greater version of myself.  These bibs are the start of my marathon journey.  Each one is a race where I got stronger and better–where I mentally prepared for my very first marathon. After I ran these 9 races I was ready to sign-up for the race that is going to mean the most to me for years to come…so rightfully so they are now hanging on my wall as a symbol of what is to come in my marathon journey.

Happy Runday everyone! 

I did my 4 mile training run this morning–did you?!


2 thoughts on “Runday Inspiration

    • Thanks! It actually looks more like a piece of art displayed this way. I recommend it. I also like the bib holders but I would need more of a space to put one of those up–since I live with roommates not too sure they want that hanging up in a public space haha!

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