Tuesday Pace

Oh, Happy Tuesday! 

This morning I woke up feeling like SHIT! The kind of allergy, PMSy (sorry boys), tired, kill me I want to sleep forever, SHIT.  Then I remembered that if I snoozed my alarm and went back to bed I was going to feel even more like shit.  Like you are training for a marathon but didn’t get up to run, shit.

So I got up. 

And guess what?

I didn’t feel like shit anymore!  Well maybe a little allergy, PMSy (sorry boys), tired, shit. but all other types of shit were out. This isn’t a very nice word I am using so much but it is the word I need to use… EAR MUFFS if you don’t like it! Sorry!

Today was my first pace run or tempo run, of marathon training. and DAAYUUUUM. I killed it. 7:40 pace. Aaaa thank YOU very much! 

It felt good to get out there and run fast again. Without training for something, or racing, I haven’t really felt a nice brisk pace in awhile. I was extremely happy with the results of this run, it made me feel like I still had it.  Hopefully in a few weeks I will be even faster!

How did everyone’s Tuesday workouts/runs go? Does anyone have a night run planned? Do you do pace on a certain day or whenever you can fit it in?  Let’s hear it in the comments!

Cheers 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Pace

  1. Wow! You did KILL IT! Way to go! My tempo run is on Thursday, and I’m a wimp, so I’m going to do it on the treadmill. Proud of you!

  2. Well, I did my tempo run today, on the treadmill, and it was good. I cannot even think about a 7:40 pace. So impressive, girl! Moving our long, weekend run (14 miles) up to tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts. When I get to 13.2 miles, it will officially be the furthest I’ve ever run!

  3. It’s done! It was slow, but I’m okay with that! Now I can chill a little this weekend. Have to do 4-6 on Sunday now. I can deal with that! Have a great day!

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