Marathon, The Lifestyle

I am so thirsty and hungry this Thursday! 


Oh Hi! It is Thursday and I am very happy to announce that I ran a beautiful 5 miler this morning–feeling great! So far marathon training has not gotten the best of me (fingers and toes crossed). This weekend is a step back weekend and I only have 6 miles on Saturday but depending on how I feel I might go for 7 or 8.  WHY NOT?!

The other morning I had a nice talk gchat conversation (all the same in 2012, right?) with my friend, she who must not be named, about how her marathon training was going.  She mentioned to me that it was hard to find time with all the other “things” going on in her life.  As sort of a “running mentor” to this particular person my first instinct was to say, “oh yeah it is really hard like I totally feel you.” But then I thought about it and decided to take a different approach.  I said “well you are training for a marathon and you have to fit in your runs. The training is the hard part of a marathon, the actual race is the culmination.” Instead of telling her it was okay to feel stressed about missing her runs (and possibly half-assing and missing runs) I tried to give her a new way of thinking about it. As a part of her life instead of as something she is just DOING. If you are just doing something, you can give up. If it is part of your life giving up is way harder. 

Marathon training is a major commitment. It took me a full year to commit to the idea of running a marathon and 3 months thereafter to hand over my $200 something dollars to NYRR and officially sign-up. It was the same for said person I am sharing stories about above, she knows marathon training is a commitment. But as mere humans, us runners sometimes forget that running is a journey. We have to insert it into our lives like anything else. We have to make it a lifestyle. We have to do Thursday night group runs instead of Thursday night happy hours. We have to forgo crazy Friday nights to wake up early on Saturday mornings and run. It is why our weekdays start at 5:30 a.m. when we don’t have to be at work until 9:00 a.m. We HAVE to do this stuff because we NEED to continue the lifestyle we have committed to ourselves.

Next time you are thinking about quitting the lifestyle (or just maybe not taking it too seriously) remember how unmotivated you were before you started. How after an easy 5 miler your serotonin levels are just as high as after a glass of wine (although a glass of wine or 2 never hurt anyone). Remember how good it is going to feel at the culmination.

I think Nike Running says it best “Runs end. Running doesn’t.”

ps: I would just like to say that the above person is doing an AWESOME job in her marathon training and I am extremely proud of her.  She has not missed runs and fits them in perfectly–her thoughts on how it is hard to fit runs into a daily schedule only got me thinking about how easy it WOULD be for any runner to give up.  She should be an inspiration to everyone out there! 

Happy Thursday 🙂


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