Marathon Training Update.

Well hellowwww there. Welcome back, to me. And probably to you, considering I haven’t posted since Thursday. Sorry I have been MIA. I got very stomach-buggy sick on Friday and did not have much energy to put into anything until this morning.

Marathon training update: 

Ran my 6 on Sunday instead of Saturday due to being sick. It was an early step back week for me and I am thanking the running gods for seeing illness in my future and stepping me back.  I didn’t feel great on Sunday but I didn’t feel like I needed to run to the bathroom at any point either.  SUCCESS!

This morning I felt almost 100% even though I slept through my alarm, yep.  A sign of getting better? Possibly. I ended up waking up on my own around 6:12, still enough time to get a quick run in.  I ran 4.02 miles along the East River and it was actually very refreshing.

I am very busy at my actual job today–wait I have an actual job? Yep I do…anyone who wants to see blogging become my actual job please start a petition. I would gladly sign.  Any-who, since I am busy I am going to share with you a few pics I took while running this am along the East River and hope it brightens your day a bit. Maybe if tomorrow is a little slower I can tell you all about my new holistic health lifestyle goals (big things, people!).

East River

East River

East River

Happy Runday to all!




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