I Think…How to MOH and Marathon Train

Some of you may know that I am a proud Maid of Honor of a very beautiful young woman who I have known for a LONG, long time. All of you should know (by now, geeze) that I am a proud half-marathoner and marathoner-in-training.  What do these two things have in common? Mostly just me.  But in 3 short months their paths will collide, with a bang. 

Bride and MOH

You see–in 3 short months I will spend some days on the West Coast (no not the best coast SORRY!) celebrating a year’s worth of work to get the bride down the aisle and married off to her groom. These events include Vegas, wedding week manis/pedis/fittings/detoxes, rehearsal dinners, wedding morning bridal brunches, receptions etc.  What these days also include are many miles of running.  2 long runs, 2 semi-long runs (tempo), multiple “short” recovery runs.  You also guessed it–besides the groom here and there, I am the only runner. The only member of the wedding party who has the internal battle of how to enjoy these events, while also sticking to a marathon training program.

Here are a few things I think I have already done right:

  1. Planned ahead:  mixing up long runs to days that work for me is important.  End of Sept might have seemed far away when I was building my training plan, but it is only 3 months away–deep into marathon training.
  2. Took precautionary measures: a friend of mine is running Marine Corps Marathon the weekend before NYC. Knowing that I was going to have wedding events smack in the middle of my marathon training I decided to start training a week early. I used the week I am out west as a buffer week, which allowed me to shorten one of my long runs.
  3. Introduced myself: I emailed the local running club in Pasadena, presented them with my “dilemma” and got an AMAZING response from their president. As most runners are welcoming to those who share the same passion, she welcomed me to their club with open arms and now I have people who know the area to run with while I am there.

Flower Girl!

I have no experience being a MOH and I have no experience marathon training (oh another thing the two have in common!) so these are just 3 things that I think will help me in the long-run (no pun intended, hehe).  I am sure after the wedding festivities, or during, there will be some griping post about how something in my training is not going to plan because I am doing my MOH duties (WHICH BY THE WAY I AM POSITIVELY HAPPY TO HAVE) , but I have to face it.  These are just SOME days of my training. They are not make or break.  No, I am not going to skip or skimp on runs….HOWEVER, I am going to take time to enjoy myself and the experience of watching my best friend become a Mrs.

Has anyone else experienced this type of runner’s dilemma before? If so, please share tips! 

marathon training update: ran 6 miles tempo today–felt great–a little dehydrated as it was already above 80 degrees, but kept up an 8:40 pace. Once the heat starts to dissipate I am sure that pace will only get better.


3 thoughts on “I Think…How to MOH and Marathon Train

      • Agreed! Yeah, traveling and running is so hard! Even if you do have time, it’s almost nerve racking if you don’t know where you are, and the potential to get lost! lol That’s my biggest complaint about travel running!

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