Running Partners

Ha-ha-ha-HAPPY Monday!

Ok, I will admit it (you guys are special I admit a lot to you). I cried a little bit at my desk this morning at 9 a.m. when the NCAA threw down on my alma mater. It sucked. Really bad.  Is it crazy that my first thought was that I should have ran tonight versus running this morning, so that I could get the aggression out that comes with such a harsh thing happening to the school I love so dearly?

Hmm…given that I am not only a PSU alum, but also a runner–this probably isn’t weird. 

Instead of harping on the news of today (I wouldn’t be a Penn Stater if I didn’t at least mention it) I am going to tell you why I am SO HAPPY that I finally found my perfect running mate.

WAIT WAIT. First I should tell you about her.


  • 25 years old
  • Female
  • Co-worker (marketing professional extraordinaire)
  • Started running at the same time as me (after our drunken college days, but not together)
  • Runs at the same pace as me (SO… SUPER FAST)
  • Training for the Marine Corps Marathon the weekend before NYCM
  • Moved into the city 2 weeks ago

Reasons I love running with her already: 

  1. We pace each other perfectly
  2. We have a lot to talk about
  3. We both like to get our runs done early in the morning
  4. We are training for marathons that are close enough where are long runs can be the same length
  5. Our boyfriends do not know how to plan ANYTHING (this is irrelevant but important point to go with #2)
  6. We take running seriously


No but seriously.  It is great. Friday was our first official run together, but I am happy to report that we have another long run planned for early Friday morning. We keep each other on track for our prospective marathons and the training that goes along with them each and every day.  It is hard finding someone in their early-mid 20s that loves running as much as I do and is as dedicated I am, so finding that person was very important to me.

Do you guys have running mates? What qualities are important to you when it comes to running with someone?

Marathon Training Update:

Long run of 11 miles in the rain, short cross train session on Saturday, rest on Sunday, 3.75 ish (freeeeedom run. no watch. no gps.) this morning.

OH, and I am doing a 1 min a night push-up/sit-up challenge. As of Friday I can do 28 each in a minute. Stay tuned 🙂


7 thoughts on “Running Partners

  1. Sorry about PSU. I feel like they’re really only punishing the students at this point.
    Anyway, 28 pushups in a minute!? Geez! You go! Good luck with your marathon.

    • Thank you!! I appreciate that. You have no idea how much it means for someone to actually say they feel bad about it. Thanks! I hope to be able to do more soon! You only get stronger–you should do the challenge with me 🙂

      • I’m doing a small challenge myself. I’ve been out of college for 1 year working behind a desk and while I’m naturally a very small person, I have noticed a significant difference in my body. Nobody else believes me, but I know I’m out of shape.

        I’m starting with 20 minutes of cardio every day at the free exercise room at my office (nobody is EVER there and it’s got like 20 different, new machines!) and we also installed a pullup bar in our kitchen doorway… those are the hardest for me, so I just do one each time I enter or exit the kitchen.

  2. Hey girl! I am sorry about what’s happened with Penn State. I, too, would have cried if something like that happened to my alma mater.

    I never ran with a running partner before last fall. I have a chronic health condition that kept me running on the treadmill or outside alone for years. But last fall, I made an awesome friend and started running with her. I was able to tell her the particulars of my situation, which is pretty personal, by our 2nd run. One thing that running with someone else does is that you become pretty close, pretty quickly! All that time running leads to talking and sharing. Now she’s one of my dearest friends and we’ve only known each other for 8 months. She pushed me through my training for 2 races in the spring and now we are both training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. I don’t think I could do it without her. Oh and we have the same first name!

    Here’s to good running partners and friends! 🙂

  3. Aww this makes me so sad b/c it reminds me of my running soul mate back in Philly (from whence I came). I never find a good running mate because – this sounds bad but it’s true – no one really ever wants to run all the time with me – or we don’t match pace wise so it’s awkward etc…

    My dearest friend Katie and I used to go running every weekend in the Wissahickon park – sometimes we brought all of our dogs and would end our run w/ a swim at Dog Beach during the summer. The special thing about her is that the miles would always just fly by! We’d be chatting away, neither of us having to adjust our paces, and before we’d know it we’d be done! She was always game – even in the heat or snow – which I also loved.

    Alas the day arrived when the bf and I trekked up to NYC for grad school/jobs and she stayed in Philly to go to vet school at Penn (she’s a smarty pants so I brag about her).

    Enjoy your new running buddy!! Good ones are indeed rare to find!

    • You should come run with us! We are always looking for new people to run around Central Park with! If not, you will find someone–it has taken me awhile in NYC but there are great FREE run clubs like Niketown, Lululemon, and The Running Company 🙂 Let me know when you run etc!

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