Tired Tuesday?

This morning I slept through TWO, yes TWO, alarms. 



6:18 (internal alarm)–Woke up panicked because I had to run 6 miles!

Luckily I quickly went through my thoughts and realized that if I got out the door by 6:30 at the latest I would be a little rushed but I could get my run in.

Notes on my run this morning:

  1. Being rushed makes me dizzy
  2. Being rushed makes me fast
  3. I was dehydrated
  4. It was hot and MUGGY
  5. Ultimately I am VERY happy I did the 6

My entry title has a ? in it for very good reason. I actually didn’t feel that tired yesterday or last night when I was babysitting. I got to bed relatively early and slept through the night. So did I ACTUALLY sleep through my alarms? OR was my volume just turned down from watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad on my boyfriend’s Netflix account?  Not sure. But either way I guess it is good I have fine tuned my body to wake up at the crack of dawn!

Hope you guys all have an awesome Tuesday–stay cool and hydrated!


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