This week is all messed up.  My running-mate is going out of town tomorrow morning. I am going out of town tomorrow afternoon. We both didn’t want to run 12 miles out of town where nobody would be there to stride beside us and all people would do is talk about how crazy we are.  Crazy is subjective, BTW. 

So we rescheduled.  Our whole plan. Rescheduled it. On a whim.

Last night as I was walking uptown to go to the gym for a quick squat/dead/row sesh before boot camp (I SAID CRAZY WAS SUBJECTIVE) I realized that the only way to run together was to suck it up and go in the morning (this morning, as in Thursday).  We can knock it out by 7:45 a.m. and still have time to gallivant to work on time. I texted my partner and the plan was made.

run run as early as you can!

But before I could think about running I had to tackle boot camp.  AWWWW SHEEET!

love boot camp

It was killer last night.  As a matter of fact I was hoping I would see my trainer this morning in the park as he was walking to teach his 7:30 a.m. class so I could scream F YOU GABE! At him.  (just kidding, you’re the best Gabe!!!!!!!) We did tons of sprints/burpees/jack push-ups/lunge twists/laps around the park/core strength exercises/planks.  I felt great afterwards and my mood definitely lifted.  Not working out in the morning is such a downer for me! I am also proud to report that I squatted and dead lifted 10 more total pounds this week. This might not seem like a lot to you, but it really is.

True that

So I can imagine that after hearing about my gym/boot camping last night you are subjectively choosing to think that I am, in fact, crazy.  Well whatever. This morning I woke up and ran 12.5 miles.  I have to admit, it was pretty hard.  It was my first run over 11 miles since my half in March (time flies). It was muggy. It was early. I was semi-dehydrated. HOWEVER, I had a great partner running with me and we completed our long run on a Thursday morning before work.  What a great accomplishment for the morning! If you are ever thinking that you cannot get up early enough to run a few miles, you are not giving yourself enough credit.  It only takes a mile or so to wake up and the further you get the more you realize how happy you are going to be when it is over.  Plus even if you run a 12 minute mile, you could run 36 minutes and get 3 miles in!

Now I just have to stuff my face all day, listen to We Found Love Radio on Pandora (judgement aside people..), do some work, and do my 1 min of push-ups and 1 min of sit-ups tonight while I babysit.  I have progressed to 3 more of each in a min and that took me just 4 (non-consecutive) days of this challenge.  Try it. You can even be lazy and do this!

I feel this post is turning into a ramble of all my fitness accomplishments (toot toot) and also semi turning into a pinterest board.  Anyone else?

I think to sum it up this is what I am trying to say:

It is Thursday! Celebrate with fitness…before drinks. Then have drinks. Just do it. All that stuff.

Marathon training is turning me into a crazy person 🙂

Happy (almost) Friday!


4 thoughts on “Craziness

  1. This is awesome! Our last LONG run (14 miles) was on a Friday morning before my running partner had to go to work. I am a teacher, so I’m off right now. It’s an amazing feeling to know you’ve run that far and still have the whole day in front of you! Way to go! I love reading about your workouts (and your runs)! Keep up the great work!

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