Perfect Weekend

This weekend was perfect!

We got up to the Canandaigua Lake (say that 5 times fast, or 1 time slow, I dare you)  around 10 p.m. on Friday–just in time to watch the end of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  We tried to name all the countries that were going to be next as the alphabet progressed. Yeah ugh…I know nothing about the world.

We ended up going to bed a little late despite the fact that we had a big family 5k the next morning, oh well!

The next morning at 7:05 my alarm went off and I looked out the window to find POURING RAIN!  My thoughts immediately moved to later in the afternoon.  I don’t care about running in the rain,  I care about going on the boat later! The 5k was SO much fun! Here are some pics:

Before the race

At the start


I LOVE running with family/friends.  Most of the time the people you run with aren’t “runners” but seeing them challenge themselves and have fun at a race is exactly why I started running in the first place. Everyone did awesome and H’s little brother even got 2nd or 3rd overall (or something like that)!!!! I think I placed in my division but as soon as we finished we were facing clearing skies and looking towards the lake.

Here are some pretty (iPhone) pics for your viewing pleasure:

On the lake

Lake view from the cabin


Sunset from the dock

Hanging out on the dock

Last day on the lake

Haven’t visited the Finger Lakes? You should. Canandaigua Lake is gorgeous. I love it and am so happy that H’s family lives there.

Motivation Monday is pretty hard when you have spent all weekend hanging out at the lake. After traveling and 1.5 days in the sun I was exhausted this morning, therefore, I am running home tonight. Luckily my running-mate was planning on running home too so we are doing it together! East River Promenade here we come!

Have an amazing Monday.










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