Stick to the Small Stuff

If there is one thing are some things I am learning about myself as a runner two big ones are:

1. If you want to win race small

2. If you want to win, run fast

Yesterday I mentioned that I ran a 5k with H and his fam (and how fun it was). I also mentioned that I thought that his brother placed in his division and so did I.  Well. We did. First–both of us took first in the M and F 20-29 divisions. Pretty sweet!

That is my 2nd, divisional 1st place! After the marathon I am really considering concentrating on the 5k distance and seeing how fast I can get. Another race, another challenge….right? 

Now, let me also go way back to number 1 above. The two races that I placed in were very small local races. Not as much competition. But a win is a win and it is fun to feel the rush! So why not race small if that is what you have to do?

Have you ever won a race before?  What type of runner are you? I can definitely do endurance but I think 3.2 is my thing, so it will be cool to focus on it.

Tuesday training–a bit under 6 miles due to faulty GPS app on my phone. Not sure why it isn’t catching correctly but hopefully I can make up for it with a quick 1 mile run after strength in the morning.



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