(i need) Motivation Monday

This LONG weekend was a blast.  Friday off, beaches, wedding dresses, drinks, eats, runs, walks, laughs etc. etc. But this morning at 6 am my alarm went off–and not to run, but to commute back to the city. Back to reality.

Blurry Dinner Pic

Future sis-in-law

my auntie!

Pretty much everyone else was still asleep in the house when I left, which probably made it easier for me to head off to the train, but as I was trekking with my new purchases from Sunday’s shopping spree, all I could think about was how I still had to run tonight.  Odd aren’t we? Runners.  My main qualm with having to get back to reality was the fact that it was Monday morning and my run was not done yet. Also that finding the energy and focus to do it after work was going to be hard.  Sleep. I want sleep. 

Where do you find your motivation after an exceptionally great weekend that throws you off of your schedule-even if you did run? Training update…I DID, in fact, run this weekend. I ran 9 glorious trail miles. It was hard and hot and muggy and it made me sore, but it felt great and the route was all new and exciting!! Thank goodness I had a step-back week this weekend. I am not sure why I was lowering long-run mileage again, but every run has a reason and I couldn’t have run much further in that weather.  I had pics for you guys but they are currently not working so I will post them tomorrow. Nothing like a little iPhone pic to show someone your great run.

So for my Motivation Monday I am going to go back to an old stand-by. One of my favorite marathon signs.

Motivation Monday



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