Free Fallin’

I am ready, guys.  Sorry (obviously though, I am not sorry), but I am ready for fall. 

Leaves changing, temps cooling, sun setting slightly earlier.  Not kill-yourself-it-is-only-4pm earlier, just earlier.  Runners start to gather together in masses any time of day for their fall marathon training. AAHhhh, I am ready.

Today when I was walking to work I was dripping sweat, and it wasn’t even that hot–just humid.  I told my coworker (who I walk to work with) I cannot wait until I can just wear jeans and a t-shirt without feeling uncomfortable.  That is what fall is for. And I can’t wait.

Here are a few of the reasons why I Fall.

  • Jeans and T-shirts
  • Cute Boots
  • Plaid
  • Sun without heat
  • Running faster
  • Running longer
  • Running any time of day without the risk of heat stroke
  • Pumpkin picking
  • Brown toned things
  • Leaves changing colors
  • My best friend’s wedding (does that count if it is in LA?)
  • Drinking hot tea again
  • Open windows (related to no more AC)

I am a very moderate person, pretty much in every aspect of life, so let me tell you…come February 20th, 2013 I guarantee you that I will be writing a similar post about Spring.  What state can I live in infinite Fall and Spring? Someone quick tell me!! 

For now, here’s to one of my favorite seasons!

Happy (almost) Fall.


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4 thoughts on “Free Fallin’

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year! I savor it each year. Love the leaves changing color – a little bit of a nip in the air. I LOVE Halloween and Thanksgiving. I LOVE dry crunchy leaves. I LOVE my entirely too expensive Frye boots. I LOVE running and being able to see my breath in the mornings. Seriously, I love fall.

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