Run (not a) Keeper

Oh the trials and tribulations of living in New York City and trying to use a GPS car device, watch, app, etc. etc.  No matter what kind of GPS gear you are using it doesn’t work.

I had been using a Garmin 210 for about a year and loved it, but when my iPod got stolen I naturally switched over to using my iPhone for everything. I was picking up my watch less often because it was easy enough to use a GPS app on my phone, plus I had my music right there with me.  Also, my Garmin 210 could take up to 10 minutes at some points to connect! ARE YOU KIDDING? That is more than a mile of running for me. So my Garmin got retired to my mom, YOU’RE WELCOME MOM!, and I was left with my GPS apps for iPhone.

SOOO AnYwAyZ…Log Your Run (lite not pro) was the app I started using for GPS. Worked great for awhile then just sort of started biting the dust.  Not sure why.  Then I decided, after reading a GPS device review, to try RunKeeper.  I will keep this short and sweet. NO.

I used this app two times before deleting it.  The first time I ran home from work, which is approximately 2.1 miles.  RunKeeper told me I was ran 2.5. Not horribly off…the second time I used this app I went on my normal 4.5ish mile recovery run. WOW. This app was awful. It told me I was running 6:15 miles or something crazy like that and then ended up saying I ran 5.99 miles in 42 minutes. Um…yeah I wish! All signs were good for my signal, I didn’t veer off track or anything like that–just didn’t work.

Unfortunately I do need some type of GPS tracking and have been debating for several weeks on what to do about the predicament of not having one. At this point I re-downloaded Log Your Run because I do think it is the best GPS for iPhone app out there–5 star rated in app store etc.–and I do not want to spend the money on a watch right now. Hopefully deleting the app and re-downloading plus synching my iPhone will get it all back to normal!

log your run!

Does anyone else use GPS when they run? Do you use apps? Watches? Are you a city-dweller or are you lucky to be living in suburbia and get better GPS coverage?

Today I am hoping to get in a rainy 14 miler after work, please keep positive thoughts for my running partner and me that the storms will cease and we can get on with our run!!

Happy Friday


ps: I randomly got an iPad yesterday (the 2 not the “new” because frankly the “new” was not different enough to justify such a price increase, c’mon Apple!) so be on the lookout for new cool bloggy stuff from me 🙂


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