How to “Weekend” 101

Weekends start on Friday.  In order to have a great weekend you have to know HOW TO “weekend.”  You have to do the most with your days/hours/minutes/seconds of freedom and you have to believe in the activities you are participating in.

This weekend came pretty close to my ideal.  Let me break it down for you:


Step 1:  Get out of work at an optimal hour on Friday or else you are already starting things of on the wrong foot. Period.  For me, during the Summer, this hour is 2 p.m., SHARP!

Step 2:  Start out Friday evening doing something you love.  For me that was a 14 mile long-run with my running-mate, Mary.

Mary in Central P

13 miles in!

We were supposed to get these super murderous, killer storms in NYC. It ended up being beautiful (even a little too sunny and hot to be honest). Thank you running gods! Mary and I took it slow and it was a good thing we did as we were both battling a few ailments.  Mary ran home with an 101 degree fever, I ran home with sore as hell legs from boot camp and a massive blister.

Exhibit A:


Sorry I don’t have any pics of Mary curled up on her living room floor with cold chills, but I think that would just be downright mean, don’t you?

Step 3: Eat some really good food to celebrate a week done. My Choice? Cascabel. My favorite. MMMMM.


Oh also, a tip for step 3. You should probably try to sit outside and eat if the weather is nice since it gives you endorphins and all.

Step 4-6: At nighttime, do not fall to peer pressure. Do what you want, when you want to and you will be happy.  I wanted to go see my college roommates for a drink, so H & I hightailed it downtown and got to get hugs from two of my favorite girls.  We then proceeded to Shake Shack up by home, got some “late-night” burgers, and caught a 10:30 p.m. showing of Dark Knight Rises. Because we wanted to. Some of it was planned, most of it was random, all of it was our choice.


Step 1: Set your alarm. It doesn’t have to be early just set it so you do not sleep in until noon. Not sure if I could do the noon-thing if I tried these days, but just to be sure…set the alarm for a decent hour where you can still take advantage of daylight. This will especially come in handy in the fall.

Step 2: Do something active.  If you sit around all day on Saturday you are going to waste the day and your free time.  Walk to do errands. Ride your bike to the park and take a nap outside.  “Walk” the dog to a local dog park, then run around like crazy with him. Just be active, seriously. You will feel better. This weekend H & I took advantage of Summer Streets and rode bikes through the streets of NYC–and SURVIVED!



Step 3: At nighttime do whatever you want.  A repeat of Friday’s 101. But seriously–quit doing things because people want you to. Just do what you want.  This could very well mean you want to go out and drink with your friends all night. This weekend that was for sure not the case. My Saturday night included a lot of Breaking Bad.


Step 1: Brunch is a must.  That is pretty much all you need to know about Sunday. Other than that I don’t care what you do (but if you are actually reading this closely at all maybe you shouldn’t care about what I care about, right? Confusing? Maybe.) as long as it involves relaxing and preparing mentally for the week ahead 🙂


Sunday should probably also include FaceTime with your mom/dog.


Does this sound like a good weekend to all you fitness fanatics out there? What attributes does a perfect weekend have of for you? Hopefully it looks similar and I am not crazy!

Stay tuned for some training updates this week–my tight hammies are going to need your support 🙂


2 thoughts on “How to “Weekend” 101

  1. Hi there! I love your weekend! Mine was all right. I think the highlight was running 20 miles (OMG) with my awesome running partner on Sunday morning! I felt like a total rockstar afterwards! I’ve never run that far before and it was awesome!

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