I am so clever. Just look at that title. I bet you get it–I am going to dive into something about nutrition, but how it is new in some way?

Well, you are just as clever as I am. Good job catching that one!

Let me first say, that I eat relatively healthy.  But facts are facts and the fact is that I am not as nutritionally sound as I should be.  Who is?  We all like to eat.  If you are a person who says “I love to eat,” well…like…no shit.  Everyone does.  If you are a person who says “I don’t really like food or eating,” then you are just not a real person and shouldn’t be allowed to grace this earth with your presence (no offense) because eating is fun. and good. and delicious. And, actually just vital to living.

So now that we got all of that jib-jab out of the way. NEW-trition. 

I am making all of these goals for my life and one of the more short-term important goals is to WATCH WHAT I FREAKIN’ EAT. and not in a calorie-counting way.  Unless you are drastically overweight, I do not believe in calorie-counting.  You should NOT be writing down everything you are eating to lose 10, 20, even 50 lbs.  Some people will disagree with me staunchly on this.  But my view is that eating is fun, moderation is key, and taking everything you put in your mouth and putting a value on it makes eating NOT fun and takes “moderation is key,” squashes it into obsession and creates mild-anorexia in otherwise non-OCD people. Plus it is the value of the calories that is important, not the number of the calories. so BOOM, BAM, here’s my plan. 

More:  GREEN stuff, veggies, whole-grain, organic, natural (“whole”) foods


Less:  Sugar, alcohol, processed precooked meals, cereal, chips, crackers, PACKAGED FOOD

Let me tell you, I do not eat that poorly.  I actually eat rather healthy.  However, I do tend to let myself eat whatever I want because I am training for a marathon–waaaayy more than I should. There is no weight gain that I am seeing because of this, but I have a firm belief that eating more whole foods are going to help me train at the next level.  You are what you eat, so I am a running gummy worm when I allow myself to emotionally eat them the night before a long run.

So here we go. Time to start making some kale, spinach, strawberry, banana protein shakes! 

What are you running fuel foods?  Before a run? After a run? Doesn’t have to be running food–how do you stay healthy and fit, food-wise?

Happy Hump Day!


7 thoughts on “New-trition

  1. I saw a friend yesterday who said, “Wow! You are getting smaller every time I see you!” and it admittedly made me feel good because watching what I eat and taking up running are pretty hard for me so it was nice to get a compliment. The woman she was with asked me, “How are you doing it?” I replied, “I started running and I eat a lot less crap.”

    I am like you. I love to eat and I love eating crap but taking up running has made me a lot more mindful of what I eat. Like you mentioned, a lot less processed food, very little fast food, no soda or diet soda in the house. I’ve always done Zumba but I can dance all the time, any time; not so much with running.

    But alas, I have to do these things because I don’t want my kids to have to get rid of bad eating habits when they are my age!

    • Love it! Yes the processed food is HUGE for me! People don’t realize that most packaged foods are processed. You need to eliminate as much as possible, BUT as I stated I am a true believer in moderation. Also I drink NO SODA anymore (very very very occasionally I allow myself a sprite or ginger-ale if I am having GI tract issues from a hard run). Great to hear you are getting compliments keep up the hard work and good example!!

  2. Awesome, love this post. I feel like I am in your exact same boat. I am not a poor eater, I am rather healthy, but I definatly let myself go on some not so healthy things more often then I should. And I feel like I tend to be to much of an emotional eater! Excited for your future thoughts and experiences:)

  3. I have found that the less I eat the food we label as unhealthy the less I actually want them. The more I crave lean protein, salad and whole grains. It’s just goes to show that you can retrain your taste buds for food just as you can your body for exercise.

    Good post. Thanks

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