How I prepare for 15 Miles on a Friday


When Mary and I decided to start “getting our long runs out of the way” on Summer Fridays I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to mentally and physically prepare to run more than a half marathon after an (almost) full day of work.

So far we have done this twice (really, only twice?!) along with a Friday morning 12 miler, but that is even a bit different in terms of preparation required. In the 2 times that we have started our runs when we get out at 2 on a Friday I have had pretty standard habits that work for me. Maybe they would work for you?

Here is what I do to prepare for 15 miles on a Friday:

English muffin with peanut butter as my first breakfast before my walk to work. Carbs, protein, energy.

Pack my bag! A bag to carry the stuff that stays at work. Shirt. Sports bra. Shorts. Hat. Baggy to put ice in that will be stuffed under my hat and in my sports bra to stay cool–also attempting to use this as drinking water once it melts  (Sahara desert quest or long-run in NYC?). Brooks. Smart wools. “Fanny Pack” to hold my credit card (emergencies & lunch purchases) and $5, which is enough to get me 2 bottles of water in the park. DANG!


Stock up on liquids. Caffeine first. Gatorade, Water simultaneously.

Liquid (part of my) Diet

Some type of snack around 10:00 a.m. for some extra energy throughout the day. I love a little carbage.


Keep an energy packet stash at work. Whatever you run efficiently on. I find gel-packs and chomps work best for me. Considering trying dried fruit next week as that is a great natural alternative.

mmmm 15 minutes before. Every hour.

Stand up. Stretch. Stick. Keep the muscles warm and loose as much as you can.

The Stick. + Motivational Message.

Relax a little. I know you are at work but try to have a stress-free day, it is Friday ya know! Keep the feet warm and happy 🙂


Listen to music. Pump yourself up. Today I have on “You Be Killin’ ‘Em” Pandora. Judge me, I dare you. It keeps me in the mood to be active and eventually I will put “Call Me Maybe” radio on, most likely. Woop woop!

I will be killin’ ’em later!

There you have it.  A deeeeeep look into how I prepare for a 15 (give or take a few) miler on a Friday.

How do you prepare for your long runs? Does it vary by time of day, day of the week? I know my schedule changes A LOT depending on many factors!

Hope you guys have a fabulous Friday…get out there and do something fit!


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