Weekend Recap

Wow. That is all I can say about my long-run on Friday. Remember how I was all preparing and stuff on Friday ??? Well it is a good thing that I did because it was HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT…get it? Hot as hell on Friday. It was cooler most of the day, until we set foot out the door.

Mile 1–59th East River Entrance

The Gatorade and water we consumed before running was quickly sapped out of our bodies and M and I were running on empty by mile 6.  We stopped, got some Gatorade. Continued on. Stopped, got some water. Continued on. Stopped, got some water. Continued on. Calf stretching during stops was a must. I could not even stomach my GU that was patiently waiting to be ripped open. It stayed in my running pouch, where it belonged in 90 degrees.

M and I separated to run the last mile home (we live a little over a mile  in opposite directions of the 72nd street entrance), reassuring each other by screaming “YOU GOT THIS ONE MORE MILE, TEXT ME AS SOON AS YOU ARE HOME!!” while mortified tourists looked on.

Beautiful, East River

I made it home. She made it home. I made it 15 miles. M made it 15 miles. I did it.  She did it.  We did it. Slowly. Surely.

I never, EVER, can remember feeling that weak after a run. I stopped at CVS for a SmartWater and chugged my way home. A cold shower, 2 cans of tuna, and a dozen rice crackers later and I was ready to meet H for dinner.  YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. DINNER. AFTER MY AFTER-RUN SNACK MEAL! 

H decided to take me on our “first date” to Blue Smoke.  Where we were originally supposed to go for our first date over 3 years ago. All I can say is, holy mashed potatoes.  I might eat mashed potatoes after every long-run from now on.

What a great first date 🙂

Saturday was spent gallivanting around Red Hook, Brooklyn and getting exercise via walking and eating.  Here are some pics I snapped:

Waiting for the ferry

Ferry waiting

Lady Liberty

Leaving Manhattan

“Street art”

Red Hook Park, cotton candy!


Oh, what about Sunday you ask? Well…Sunday was spent lounging around and watching way too many episodes of Breaking Bad. But what else are Sundays for? Certainly not shake-out runs, or lifting to make up for the cross-training you skipped the prior week. Nope, not at all.

What did you do this weekend? How did your runs and workouts go?  I really want to get back into a routine this week with boot camp, and morning running, but I think I am starting to come down with something. Looks like I will be eating whole oranges for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week!

Happy Runday.

ps:  I ran my shake-out 4 miler this morning. YAY!




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