This weekend as always was a whirlwind and here we are back to Monday. 

I try to be as positive as possible on Mondays because thinking of them as the worst day of the week does nothing but set you up for failure.  In order to be positive it is imperative to have a little “#MotivationMonday” at the start of each week.

Here is my #MotivationMonday for you: 

1. Reflect on the good that happened over the weekend.  If you were extremely productive, relish in that fact.  If you were able to take some time to relax and stay in bed all weekend, good for you, you got some extra rest.  Maybe your weekend was spent hanging out with family or meeting up with old friends. Either way, awesome for you! My weekend consisted of a bit of all of these factors.

This weekend H and I celebrated 3 years together, hung out with old friends, and watched a lot of Breaking Bad.  It was an amazing weekend so this Monday I reflected on the positive energy from the amazingness of the weekend on the way to meet Mary for our run. It helped me to refocus my energy to the fact that Monday is simply the start of another week and before I know it, it will be Friday!

Tapas and drinks on Friday!

2. Be active early. Some of you may not be used to getting up and doing something good for you first thing in the morning.  You might even hate the thought of it. However, I would tell you that it is a great idea to start your Monday morning out by doing something active.  Yes, getting out of bed is hard–but that is most of the battle.  Today Mary and I met up for an 8 miler in Central Park. It felt great to get our run out of the way and we have set ourselves up for morning workouts the rest of the week.  Trust me, once you get out of bed on a Monday morning the rest of the days don’t seem so hard!

I don’t know about you, but I think working out in the morning is so rewarding.  If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do. There is nothing better than doing something before work that most people won’t do at all during the week–AND IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!! 

3. Set goals for the week. These goals do not have to be fitness related.  Some examples of the goals that you could have might be:  Clean the house, do a bunch of laundry that has been sitting around, be extra productive at work and get stuff done that has been sitting on your desk for a month.  Monday Motivation goals are meant to help you stay focused and give meaning to the week.  Sometimes if you schedule your life around your goal, you find that you are more productive in other areas too. Is your goal to complete all of your laundry this week? While you are waiting you might get inspired to finish that book you’ve been reading for 2 months.  My goal is to do laundry and pack for my trip before Thursday this week! 

4. Create a fitness challenge for yourself. This fitness challenge could be a weekly challenge, monthly, just for the day (and reset the next day). Fitness challenges will help you get stronger in less time. They should be small challenges that do not require a gym and have easily measurable results.  For instance: running 3 days this week for 30 minutes.  Doing 100 crunches a night before bed. Going to yoga at least 2 times this week.

This week my challenge is to start my 1 min of push-ups and sit-ups, nightly, again! Does anyone want to join? I will post the number of push-ups and sit-ups I do every day in 1 min (each) and you guys can do it with me! It will make us all stronger and force us to do something good for ourselves every. single. day.

4. Smile. Even when you are having a bad day try to smile.  It really does help.

What is your #MondayMotivation? What are your goals for this week? Are you going to take me up on my Monday challenge? Don’t forget that Monday goals/challenges are just a way of giving your week purpose.

Happy Runday 🙂


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