Happy Labor Day

Helllooooo all! Sorry for the break. Last Friday I spent the day with a very near friend who lost her father. Their family has been so strong and it was incredible to see them and their courage shine through.

Because of travel on Friday I did not run or blog. Because of travel Saturday I did not run or blog. Because of family things (I am upstate and H’s parents’) on Sunday I did not run or blog. I think this sort-of forced mini break was a good thing. After my DNF on Wednesday I was spent. Training for a marathon, particularly the first ever, is draining!

This morning I finally hit the pavement in the town where H grew up. I was tired, my allergies are awful, and (to be honest) I was scared. What if last Wednesday wasn’t a one time deal? I put faith in my body and I ran. I ran a little over 5.5 and I felt good. Not great-good. But that is ok with me because I need to get my confidence back bit by bit.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day. Once again I will be traveling.

Did you all ever have a forced running break? Did it help or hurt?

Happy Runday!



4 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. I also had a forced running break – same as you I did not run due to traveling/labor day weekend partying/fun bf & doggie beach time/seafood lol. I’m not sure if it was best for my training – I’m running 9 miles in approx 1 hour…so we’ll see. I CAN tell you that I had fun and I didn’t worry about it at all 🙂 (*joke…I had fun, but did fret about it a bit). Hope you had a great weekend! NICE abs!!

  2. I had a long, forced running break back in February when I fell while running in the dark and got a high ankle sprain. I think it helped because it gave me an even deeper appreciation for running. And it made me realize that I’m one tough cookie. I still ran a 10-miler and a half before it was completely healed. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, but it gave me a tremendous amount of confidence.

    I know you will be fine. You have all the right components for bouncing back. Trust yourself. You are awesome and you will be all right!

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