Let’s Start Fresh

Does anyone else feel like they say this a lot to themselves? “Let’s Start Fresh.”  I say this a lot in life.  It’s Monday, time to start fresh with a healthy diet.  It’s Thursday, time to start fresh and not drink a lot this weekend.  It’s payday, time to start fresh and save moola.  The list goes on.

With marathon training I have not  said this a lot.  As a matter of fact, I personally believe that I have been straight killing my marathon training.  Not to toot my own horn or anything. Nobody is perfect  though and sometimes starting fresh is not an option but a forced method of sanity. One that your body pushes on you. Sometimes your body screams “Stop! Or I am going to make you get really sick and really tired and cause you to be mean to your boyfriend for no reason (sorry again, H) and poop your pants and hate your life. And stuff like that!”

Your body says that all in one breath too.

Yesterday I started to feel allergy-induced-awful. Almost flu-like. It sucked.  I did a nice 5 miler, but my smile and good mood were missing.  During the drive back to NYC I could hardly keep my eyes open and my throat was on fire.  H kept asking me why I was so quiet. I literally passed out around 9:30 last night (so 15 minutes after I got home) and woke up feeling like complete crap. I said goodbye to the notion that I was going to wake up and do an 8 miler. I also quickly realized that today would be a rest day.

All I could think were two things


…I CANNOT afford to get sick. 

I started telling myself over and over that it is allergies. I bought an 8 pack of the little packets of tissues, some Zyrtec-D, a Powerade Zero, Subway and a rest day.  Here we go. Millionth (it feels like) rest day in the past 2 weeks. Tomorrow I will run. I refuse to let my training get behind anymore (I missed a run and to me this is…a travesty). I want my runner’s high back.

Until tomorrow here are some pics of my lazy lake weekend.

H got cut off haha


What is your go to remedy for allergies? When you get sick how many days do you take off? What is your feel-good thought to get you back out there sooner than later?

Happy Tuesday!


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