Today we honor 9/11.  We never forget, while we always move forward.

As a young adult living in New York City September 11th always hits pretty hard.  I did not grow up here, nor did I live here when the attacks happened, but like many others, I remember where I was when it happened.

These days, I consider myself a New Yorker.  I am hard pressed to find a day when the heinous acts on September 11th do not effect my day-to-day life.  Somebody forgetting a bag on the subway.  The twinge of fear felt when you see multiple fire trucks and sirens blaring throughout the streets of New York.  Increased security presence in the form of military and police personnel. Thoughts in the back of your head when you are on public transit or in a busy area of the city. These are all DAILY occurrences living in NYC. 

Photo Cred: Facebook friend who I will keep anonymous. Spotted in NYC today.

Today I came across a Facebook post from one of my FB “friends” stating that “9/11 events every year can be more harmful than helpful.”  He then proceeded to compare this day to his birthday and getting cash vs. getting a sweater or something really silly like that, which I couldn’t even comprehend. This person is not from New York City, and truthfully, I am not sure if he has visited NYC or anywhere close-by, but as a NYCer I was a little taken back by his words.  I didn’t understand how he could think that.

I wanted to comment SO bad that if he just came to NYC one time to see how New Yorkers daily lives have been forever changed by 9/11 (and countless non-New Yorkers and OF COURSE all Americans in some way or another) then he would have more of a grasp of why remembering is so important. Why never letting go and always giving the families’ of all the victims peace in knowing that we are still there for them as a nation should always happen on this day. Now and hundreds of years from now.

Today remember. Remember the WTC victims. Remember the flight 93 victims. Remember the Pentagon victims. remember all of their loved ones.  Give peace to yourself and others by showing that, while 9/11 is behind us, it is also a part of us forever. 


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