Training For A Marathon, So Far.


Oh yeah! It’s Friday. No matter how annoying this song is I will always be happy for a tune dedicated to this day of the week. 

Moving on.  I know that you guys wanna here all about marathon training.  So, in honor of your curiosity, I am going to give you a few thoughts about my training so far.  Whatever week this is…I think it is week like one million TWELVE.

  1. I am tired. I get it. So are you and you and you and you and you. We are all tired. We all work really hard and do a lot and spread ourselves thin, but HOLY SHIT.  Marathon training makes you undeniably tired. If you haven’t trained for this distance before and are thinking of doing it, rock on, you totally should! HOWEVER, make sure you are in a position to give yourself at least 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep a night.  If you are going to have a social life haha just kidding, those don’t exist with marathon training. (semi-kidding about kidding, it is difficult but doable)
  2. 5 miles is just like zero miles. I look forward to 5 milers now. Don’t roll your eyes and give me dirty looks and talk shit about me and say things under your breath about how I am bragging right now.  Seriously, one of the best things that has come out of this training is that you get into this new world of mileage. You are fitter than you ever thought you could be. 5 miles feels like a walk in the park and you never want to think about losing that level of fitness again.
  3. 15 miles and above is REALLY hard. The quote of the day today is the perfect description of how you should feel about long-runs that are 15 miles and above.  If you have not run a half marathon before, you might even feel this way about runs 8 miles or more.  Whatever your longest distance is, respect it. The heat has been absolutely killer this training cycle for me.  I am running up to a full minute slower than what is normal for me…and it is frustrating. Even though it is annoying as all hell, I have to keep my head up and realize that I am giving my body a chance to adapt, change, and get stronger.  Tomorrow I have 19 miles and for the first time it will be below 85 degrees in NYC. This change in temperature will give me a chance to see how strong I have gotten. GRRRRR [insert flexing muscles here]!!!!! 
  4. It is about something bigger. Training for a marathon to someone who has never done it before might seem like it is all about the marathoner”s bragging rights. Facebook status updates about their mileage. Tweets about how grueling their most recent long, short, mid-length run was. BLOGS DEDICATED TO THEIR TRAINING. ugh. How annoying! Sorry (I’m not sorry) if you feel that way though. Marathon training is really difficult physically and emotionally. My 1st marathon is one of the biggest personal challenges I think I will ever endure. You are training yourself to be a better person. I know it sounds lame, but really…forreal…you are. Every single time I embark on a new day of running I become stronger in some way, even if it is because I almost shit my pants or something weird and awkward like that.

So there ya go.  Some thoughts on marathon training so far.

What have you learned from running? What is your longest distance? Do you think that training for a race has made you better in more ways than physical appearance? 

Now, for a real Friday jam-jam that everyone can respect. 


5 thoughts on “Training For A Marathon, So Far.

  1. I feel you. I will complete my second week of marathon training (Florence – Italy end of November) this Sunday with a long run of 15 miles for a total of 38 miles only run this really week. It’s hard but tomorow I’ll rest and tonight I am having a pizza and a beer. Perhaps a coupple of beer.

  2. it’s actually a total of 53 miles. WOW, I now realize how many miles I am putting on my legs and like you said 5 miles feel like nothing at the moment. By the way, the first video does not play because “the uploader has not made this video available in your country”. Am I missing something here?

  3. I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one who is so tired from this training! I mean, I love it, but it’s exhausting. But I share my running stories with my (high school) students and they are so impressed, it makes it worth it! Thanks for sharing this! Our longest run has been 20 miles, and we’ve done it twice. Our training calls for 2 more 20 milers, but we’re going to make the next one 22. Just to be sure…

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