Treadmill Tuesday

Today in NYC = nasty.  The weather that is, not the rest of NYC.  Side note:  Watch it people! I know that a recent Travel and Leisure poll NYC regained it’s #1 spot in the World’s Dirtiest Cities, but as our local news anchor said this morning “we are proud of our sidewalks lined with garbage, and our rats!” 

NOT an ugly city 🙂 My brother, a pilot, took this from his plane!

Moving on.  It was really hard for me to get up this morning, so when I heard the rain tapping outside my weather, and realized the weather report was true (for once), I just couldn’t think about going outside and trudging through it.  Is trudging a word?

Ugh.  It begins. The dreadmill time of year!  Well, at least when the risk of getting killed by a tree is higher than getting hit by a cab. Other than that there really is no reason to dreadmill.

Me when I realize I have to run on the dreadmill: 

To make the time go by quicker I did a little workout that went something like this:

5 minutes: 6.2 mph

5 minutes: 6.4 mph

5 minutes: 6.7 mph

5 minutes: 6.4 mph 

5 minutes: 7.2 mph 

10 minutes: 6.8 mph 

2 minutes: 7.2 mph 

3 minutes: 6.8 mph 

5 minutes: 6.5 mph 

Doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but increasing and decreasing speeds even by a little bit can really change up what muscles you are working with and increase endurance. Plus adding a little speed here and there never hurt anyone–at least adding it smartly. I did not mess with the incline today because I have been running hills a lot in my training this cycle–so there! No hills.

Running on the TM is not the most fun thing ever.  Actually, most runners hate it and most non-runners think they hate running because of it.  Next time you have to workout on the treadmill try doing 30 second intervals of sprints mixed with 1 minute intervals of “breath-catchers,” which is my new made-up word for just running/jogging at conversational pace. You can also try hill sprints, or just straight hills (knock that incline up to 8 and see how running at 6.0 mph feels).

Be careful though! Make sure you are only increasing speed/incline/speed&incline a little bit at a time.  Going too fast to soon or sprinting up a giant vertical hill too soon might lead to injury.

When I finish a dreadmill workout:

What is your favorite dreadmill routine? Do you prefer to just run it out at a set pace, or do you make the time go faster with some type of special interval workout?!

Happy Tuesday!! 


5 thoughts on “Treadmill Tuesday

  1. You’re hilarious with those Ohmagifs! I definitely prefer making the time go faster with an interval workout. Spontaneous ones are the best to beat boredom. Running at a set pace is pretty tough on the mind. It’s great for the days that I’m up for a mental challenge.

    • I am glad I am not the only one that sees the TM as a mental challenge–I think it is harder than a 15 miler sometimes! As for the gifs, I think they lighten the mood 🙂 Running is SUCH a sensitive topic, after all!

  2. Yep…my treadmill hasn’t been run on for a while, however, it is getting chillier out, and I know, that time will come sooner than I’d like. That NYC weather you are having? I hope it passes, as I’ll be there this weekend. 🙂

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