Hurricane Sandy

As many of you might definitely have heard by now a hurricane Frankenstorm is coming directly towards us! MUUUHAHAHA!!!

So if this storm is so big, bad and scary…why would I go running this morning? Because it is MARATHON WEEK that’s why! I had a quick 3 miler this morning, so after I jumped out of bed and took a quick peek out of the blinds and figured out it wasn’t too bad yet (runonsentence) I laced up and made a run for it.

I only needed to run to the park and half way in to the park and back. Central Park will definitely be open I thought, they wouldn’t close the park I thought. Womp, womp. Park closed! Shouldn’t they have a “be an idiot at your own risk” policy? I started my run home on the marathon route–oh yeah!–and decided to get the last half mile in by running up and back 5 blocks.

As I was running home the winds really picked up. The other crazies out running with me smiled passionately at one another like “ohhh yeah I get it! We might be crazy but we are not alone!!!”

All in all the run was great. I felt like a total badass running in Frankenstorm, despite the fact that the predicted wrath has barely started.

Hope you all stay safe out there! I wouldn’t recommend running in the storm if you haven’t already headed out. Within the 25 mins I was out the winds picked up speed majorly.

BIG congrats to my running partner, Mary and one of my most devoted readers, Chrissy on their amazing finishes in the MARINE CORPS MARATHON. You guys rock!!!


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