Race To Recover

In case you have not heard the New York City Marathon is still on. In case you do not agree with this, let me quickly tell you why I do.

I know some of you will think it is for selfish reasons. I am running, after all. But believe it or not most of the reasons aren’t really selfish.

We need this. And first let me side track and say that when I refer to NYC that I am referring to the Tri-State area. Moving on…

NYC needs this. NYC is one of those amazing cities that goes through so much bad shit. Like so much. And when it happens all NYers take a day or two to understand what the hell just happened and then we say fuck you (sorry for my NY language) and we figure out how to move on. We are like, really tough. After last year’s hurricane a lot of us were skeptical. However, we were proven wrong and we got rocked. We took our couple of days and now we are saying fuck you and getting back to normal. But we cannot feel better about what has happened to us with everyone not in NYC telling us how they think we should live. Feeling sorry for us with their words, yet not helping us with their actions. Saying that people are going to protest us if we go on with, arguably, the best Sunday of the year because they think it is wrong. Have you ever even been here? Have you ever been here on Marathon Sunday? Because if you haven’t you have not seen how it is one of the most amazing days of the year to see people come together and love one another. To cheer each other on and respect one another. To smile and wave at complete strangers and feel like they’ve known each other for years.

We need this to show one another it is going to be okay. To help the city show the world that we are okay. To give each other a reason to smile again. For a sense of normalcy.

The New York City Marathon is now the Race To Recover. New York Road Runners will donate as much as 1 million dollars to recovery efforts with ING donating 500k and The Rudin Family Foundation donating 1.1 mil. You can read about it here.

New York is doing the right thing. Trust us. Trust that the recovery efforts won’t be hindered. Because as much as we love Marathon Sunday we love our city and our people more.


If you have a few extra dollars to spare please help me in my last minute fundraiser to help with recovery efforts. All money will go to the Red Cross to help with relief. Help me run to for relief!


2 thoughts on “Race To Recover

  1. I just read this and then I read a Yahoo! article that they JUST NOW cancelled it. I’m so sorry! I’m also training (tapering) for my very first marathon (Santa Barbara, CA on the 10th) and I would be DEVASTATED if i couldn’t do it. Hang in there, you WILL run that marathon!

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