Let the Taper Begin (again)

The last week has been an insane one, to say the least. Hurricane Sandy let all of the anger it had out on the area that I call home. Things have been chaotic and my life is still turned upside down! I have not been at work since Oct 26th. So awesome!  This sucks and has really made me so thankful for my job. 

As you all must know by know the ING NYC Marathon was canceled last minute. I was devastated. Everyone knows that I feel that the marathon should have gone on–I will not give my opinions on this. *Note: I understand the havoc that Sandy wreaked and my views are only my views. It does not mean that I do not care about the people that were hurt by this, if you think that…then you don’t know me at all.  The way that the marathon was canceled, at the last second, was a smack in the face to the national and international running community. People spent thousands of dollars coming here–and hundreds of dollars at the expo when it was “still on.” Then just like that it wasn’t on anymore. WHY would they do that? I digress. 

After I picked myself up from complete and utter disappointment and sadness, I came up with a plan over beer and french fries with my love. The runner in me, the FUTURE marathoner in me, was not giving up on my dream because of this. Sure, of all the things I mentally and physically prepared myself for cancelation was 100% not one of them, but running is abut overcoming adversity and bad things. I looked up every marathon option and it just so happened the Harrisburg Marathon was still open! My entire family lives in Harrisburg, it was like fate or something. 

I signed up. $70 dollars (so cheap) later I was ready to taper (again).

At the advice of the best running mentor ever, I ran 10 miles on Sunday. The park was amazing. People came from all over to run the New York City Marathon but ended up running the “Run Anyway” Marathon. I thought it was great for all of the runners who came from so far. Thanks to NYers who came out to support them. Here are some pics I grabbed: 


Run Anyway




Run Anyway

Another amazing thing the running community came together to do on Sunday was to volunteer on Staten Island! How awesome is that? 


USAToday.com captures all the NYC Marathoners waiting for the Staten Island Ferry.

I feel like this post was a little jumbled. Lots of thoughts and things going on–sorry about that. Bottom line? So many people were horribly hurt by this storm. More than just the NYC Marathon being canceled. I am counting my blessings that I have my family, friends, home, power, etc. I said the day I found out the NYC Marathon was “on” that I wanted to make a difference somehow, I didn’t want to just run for myself anymore. I am still dedicating my first marathon to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, I am just not running it in New York City. 

If you don’t live here (or even if you do) you may not realize how bad some of the hardest hit areas still have it. Sunday November 11th I will run the Harrisburg Marathon and I will run for relief. Please take a second and donate even $1 to my Hurricane Relief Fund. All proceeds go to Red Cross. DONATE NOW!

Thank you all for your overwhelming support in so many ways.

Happy Runday!  


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