Get Your Head In The Run!

You could say that lately things have been a little weird.

1. Hurricane Sandy.

2. Hurricane Sandy.

3. Hurricane Sandy.

Basically my marathon was on, and then canceled. My office had havoc wreaked on it and has been closed until further notice (nothing like working from home in sweats, while watching bad daytime TV, heh?). I feel so out of it. Needless to say, it is really hard for me to truly have my head in the run right now.

How am I supposed to concentrate on the Harrisburg Marathon when I have been tapering for too long with too many thoughts in my head about what could have been? Well here is how…as Nike once said, JUST DO IT!

I have to relax, eat pretzels, drink water, slowly re-carbo load, and focus my energy on the marathon that is. There are way worse things that could have happened to me in all of this. Life will go on and so will my running. Running is supposed to be about clearing your head and making time for yourself. About doing something you love with no limitations on the “Why.” Yesterday I ran a little over 3 and today or tomorrow I will run 2. Saturday I will do a shake-out of 20 minutes and Sunday I will race. I will run to prove to myself that no matter what obstacles get in my way, I am a runner and I will reach my ultimate goal. That is the beauty of it all right? You run for mental and physical toughness. You run to prove to yourself that even on bad days you can get in some good miles. You run to show yourself that one foot in front of the other makes it all better, makes it all easier, makes it all clearer.

I will get my head in the run. Starting now. Because I owe it to myself and all the people around me who have supported me to have a great race on Sunday.

How do you refocus your energy when something goes wrong in your life? Is there a specific thing that you focus on?

In the meantime, these days before the race, I am excited to spend a little time with my roomie, Lauren. Check out her article on NY Social Status about the NYC Marathon HERE!

Happy Wednesday!


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