Hump Day

Hi there! It is hump day. Woo hoo!

Normally on Wednesdays I look forward to (or dread) a long run maybe mixed in with some speed-work. But this is no normal Wednesday. This is the Wednesday after I ran 26.2 miles.

mile 25

I am happy to report that I am finally starting to feel less sore. The first two days after the race I was walking a little weird and if I sat or laid down for too long I would get super stiff. I decided to ask a good friend of mine what his advice was for the days after the race. He is after all a running coach and IRONMAN. You can find Jack over at The Motivated Runner. Here are some of his tips for the next week or so:

1. Walk down steps backwards (this gave me some funny looks on the subway!).
2. Walk in general to get your muscles moving and speed up recovery.
3. Ice Baths will feel amazing and help with muscle recovery.
4. Eat lots of protein such as chicken, milk, shakes, beans, etc.
5. Lay off of running for 6 days or so.
6. When you start running again, keep the mileage light. Repeat what you did for taper minus any speed work.
7. Get lots of rest.
8. When getting back to running, try to run on soft, level surfaces.
9. Full body massage 3 days after. It feels AMAZING!
10. Eat a good amount of carbs to replenish glycogen stores.
11. Avoid ibuprofen/aspirin. It’s better if you let your muscles recover naturally.

Thank, goodness I know Jack, because honestly I think a lot of people leave out the advice for the days after a marathon. Does anyone else feel like they have been left in the dark about what to do AFTER they cross the finish line of their big race?

THIS Wednesday I am looking forward to a wine pairing event with the best roommate ever. Wine on a Wednesday?? Haven’t done that in awhile!

Also did I mention that Lauren is the best roommate/friend ever? She had this surprise waiting for me when I got home Monday:

Hope you guys all have a great day!!



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