Wine Class & Other Important Things

This morning I woke up pretty tired. Last night I took a really fun wine class with Lauren and enjoyed the NYC life. Fun events, great drinks, new friends.

Wine Experts!

We were not out late, but seeing as it has only been a few days since I ran my body into the ground, drinking tons of wine for a few hours takes a lot out of me. The class, Pop Your Cork!, was small and intimate. It was also fun and educating. Lauren and I learned tons about pairing Thanksgiving foods with wine. Our teacher (Kristen Siebecker) was hilarious and upbeat, which made the class that much better. We plan on meeting up with Kristen for future classes and you should too! Key takeaway from the class? You want a mild wine (nothing too bold) to compliment the various flavors of the season. Also–wine gets you drunk. Cheers!

Now that I am getting back into the New York groove, it is time to start thinking fitness again. It has been so long since I have done anything besides run. It goes without saying that I FREAKING LOVE RUNNING!! but, it is time to recharge my fitness and get strong again. I want to PR in the 13.1 distance in the near future, so I need to strengthen my core and all other aspects of my body. Tomorrow I am going to start Pilates. When I was in college I did Pilates all the time. After I started running it sort of went on my back burner for no particular reason. Many runners believe in Pilates for running because Pilates’ strengthens the core. Well, we are going to try it out. See what happens.

I am also going to incorporate hot yoga and boot camp (of course) into my routine again.

Here we go! I think I will be more sore than after the marathon for awhile. Eek!

Happy Thursday 🙂


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